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Flights from New York (JFK) to Kochi (COK)

Flights from New York (JFK)

JFK is one of the busiest airports in the world. It services people who wish to travel to and from New York. New York being one of the largest cities in the world justify the number of the people to travel to and from New York.The City is the financial capital of the world making it naturally one of the busiest cities in the world, hence people from all over the world travel to JFK for commercial and leisure activities. The city is one of the most visited leisure spots in the country, people from all over the world are fascinated by imposing skyscrapers, beautiful streets, central park, Manhattan and so on. New York has a highly diversified population and this diversity has resulted in creating fusion culture. These fusion cultures have infused fresh life into the city making the city vibrant. New York is a city that never sleeps. The economic activities involved in the city make it one of the richest cities in the world with an estimated million millionaires. Taj Travel helps people to book cheap flights from JFK to the rest of the world.

Flights to Kochi (COK)

Kochi is famously known as the queen of the Arabian sea. Kochi is the industrial and commercial capital of Kerala. Cochin International Airport is one of the largest Airports in the state in terms of volume of passengers. Kochi has been ranked among the top 10 must see places by Lonely Planet. Kochi is also home to a large expat population that makes it a point to visit their home country once every year. Kochi is in fact one of the most visited places in India. The city is famous for its friendly and well educated people, excellent infrastructure and most importantly beautiful beaches. High standard of living along with very high purchasing power has made the city in par with the ones in the developed world. Taj travel helps you book cheap flight tickets from Kochi to the rest of the world with minimum efforts.


Cheap New York to Kochi Flights (JFK to COK Flights)

New York hosts a large number of migrants and expat from countries across the world. The city has a large number of Malayalies (People from Kerala, India are commonly known as Malayalies). These people usually fly between JFK to COK to reconnect with their families. Large numbers of people come from all over the world to Kochi, as there are a lot of things culturally, foodwise, and so on that are unique and exclusive to Kochi. People from all walks of life thus come to Kochi to witness these uniqueness and diversities that make the place seem interesting. Some of the must see places in Kochi include things like the Chinese Fishing nets of Fort Kochi, Lulu Mall, Mattancherry Palace and so on. The food in Kochi is very delicious and the food culture enjoyed by the region is unique to the same. Taj Travel helps people find affordable rates from JFK to COK. 



FAQ for Booking JFK to COK Flights

1. What are the documents required to carry while flying from JFK to Cochin?

Important documents required to fly to an international destination include items like passport, appropriate visa, and return flight tickets if applicable and the other necessary documents required to travel.

2. Which are the popular airlines that operate JFK to COK Flights?

Air India, Emirates, Etihad, United Airlines are some of the most sort after airlines that operate JFK to COK Flights.

3. Can someone book direct flights from JFK to Kochi?

Call our expert ticketing staff to know if any airline operates JFK to Kochi flights.

4. Does Air India offer direct JFK to Kochi Flights?

Call our ticketing staff to know if Air India operates direct JFK to COK flights.

5. What is the baggage limit while flying from JFK to COK ?

The baggage limit depends on the flight and the tickets purchased by the passenger. Call our experts to know more about the same. Baggage capacity over the acceptable limit can lead to huge penalties.

6. How long will an average JFK to COK flight take?

The average flight from JFK to COK takes an average of 18 hours.

7. How much money can one carry while taking a New York to COK flight?

You are allowed to carry a maximum of $5000 along with you JFK to COK flight.

8. Which is the best time to book flights from JFK to COK?

March, April and May are the best times to book JFK to Kochi Flights.

9. How early should you be booking your flights from JFK to Kochi ?

Book your tickets 3 to 5 week in advance before the date of boarding. This can help you get the best price for your travel.

10. How many airports does Kochi have?

Kochi has just one airport, the Cochin International Airport.

Things to know before booking JFK to COK Flights

    • Kochi is well known for Kathakali (A traditional Art form practiced in the state)
    • Kochi is famous for Ayurveda.
    • Kochi is home to some of the oldest functional Chinese nets.
    • LuLu Mall in Kochi is a popular destination for people from all over the world.
    • Kochi is one of the very few places that enjoy large number of Jews
    • The city is home to some of the oldest ports in the country, back in the olden days traded with the Romans.


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