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Book Cheap Flight Tickets to Destinations Across the Globe

Flight Booking is one of the biggest expenses when it comes to traveling and can really affect the way the rest of the tour and activities are planned. Cheap Flight Ticket is what every US to India traveler wants while searching for airtickets. There are various ways one can actually save a lot of money while making online bookings for the flights from USA to the rest of the world. Generally, they are not known to everyone which deters a lot of people from going on vacations. Taj Travel is one of the very few online travel agents that offer unpublished fares for people who are looking to travel at an affordable rate. Call our travel experts to get the best price possible on tickets to destinations across the world. Flight Booking made easy, fly Taj.

Fly with Taj Travel for:

  • Hassle-Free bookings that can be done in advance as well as on an urgent basis.
  • Cheap flights that still take you places but don’t compromise with quality.
  • Seasonal discounts and offers.
  • Promotional offers that are otherwise left unnoticed.
  • Flights that don’t make your travel and travel experience a petty affair.
  • Save money on tickets to spend it on something worth it.
  • To get rid of all the booking and planning trouble.

Flight Ticket Booking Services by Taj Travel

  • Domestic Flight Deals
  • International Flight Deals
  • Cheap tickets to popular tourist destinations across the globe
  • Travel Planning
  • Seasonal and Festive Deals

Fly with Taj Travel for a travel experience like never before at prices that you expected never before..!!

Get the Best Deal Possible on Airtickets

Flight booking usually contributes to a large proportion of the total budget in most trips. It is important that travelers find the right price for the airtickets in order to ensure that the price of the travel remains within the acceptable limit. This is the reason why travel experts advise travelers to take an extra effort in finding the right price. Obviously it is not easy to find cheap flight tickets to your desired location. Taj Travel is one of the leading online air ticket sellers that emphasize selling cheap flight tickets to its customers. It is very hard to find good deals especially while booking international flights. Taj Travel helps its customers keep track of great deals introduced by all major airlines in both International and domestic space.

Taj Travel, one of the leading travel service providers in the USA helps you find out the cheapest flight tickets out there:

Book Early

Booking flights early will help you save a lot of money while traveling. Most trips are planned in advance, book at the earliest to grab the lowest airfare. Flight booking is an easy endeavour, hence always try to book tickets that are refundable or look for tickets that can be transferred from one date to the other at a cheap rate or virtually at no expense. This feature gives airtickets the capabilities of transferring from one date to the other. We are committed to providing some of the cheapest air tickets possible for flights to locations across the word both domestic and international. Make sure you buy tickets 7 to 8 week ahead of your trip to get the best price.

Always lookout for Unpublished Fares

Booking cheap and booking smart are interlinked in many ways. Booking smart can help you book cheap flight tickets to all your favourite locations. Always look for unpublished fares, as this will give you a commanding position to negotiate a good fare with the travel agent. Most unpublished fares that you end up buying will be relatively cheaper than what is offered online, hence the savings in evident. Traveling in the cheapest flight to a location is always an enjoyable endeavour. Hence, next time you do flight booking always look for unpublished fares.

Choose wisely between Direct flights vs Indirect flights

Direct flights are generally more expensive than indirect flights. Indirect flights usually have a stopover or layover at one or multiple destinations before reaching the desired location. Direct flights are certainly the most convenient way of traveling while indirect flights take longer hours to reach the desired location.

All is not bad for indirect flights as indirect flights tend to be much cheaper than their direct counterpart. If you are looking for a good saving on your travel, then certainly by all means go for indirect flights. This type of flight is certainly appropriate for long duration flight destinations, for example JFK to DEl (New York to Delhi).

Be flexible with the dates and times on your flight to India

While booking your flights to any destination, look at the best day and date to buy a ticket. Be flexible with the date and time of your travel, being flexible can help you save a lot of money. In case of international flights the savings are really huge, incase you are travelling with your family the savings will accumulate into a huge pool of cash. Try not to book flights on weekends, look to fly on Tuesday and Wednesday, the chances of getting cheap flight tickets are huge.

Choose airlines that will save money

If you are looking affordable airtickets always lookout for low cost carriers. As the name suggests, low cost carriers are cheaper than the standard carriers. Standard airlines offer a large number of creature comforts as standard which might be an option in a low cost carrier. It is really a trade of between comfort and affordability. Taj Travel deals with all the major carriers both international and domestic to provide some of the best variety of travel options for its customers. The customers can choose the airlines of their choice to travel to the desired location.

FAQs on Booking Cheap Flight Tickets

1. Why does airtickets price fluctuate ?

The price of airtickets fluctuate based on various factors such as seat availability, the date and time of booking the flights, the type of ticket the user is looking for and so on.

2. Is Unpublished fares cheaper than the fares available on the Taj Travel website?

That is mostly the case, unpublished fares gives the customer an opportunity to avail a cheaper combination to your desired flight destination. Our travel expert can help you get a cheap flight ticket for your journey.

3. What should I do to change my flight booking itinerary?

If you want any change in your flight booking itinerary, please call us or email : Based on your request, we will let you know about the further procedures required to reflect the change in your itinerary.

4. How far in advance should I book to avail the best price tickets to an International destination?

If you are looking to book flight tickets for an international tour make sure you book flights 2 months in advance. This trick usually gives you the best price possible.

5. How do I know my flight booking is confirmed?

When you book a flight with Taj Travel, a confirmation mail will be sent to your registered email, once the payment is reflected in our accounts. A PDF Ticket copy will be sent to your Email ID as well. The entire process takes less than 15 minutes.

6. What can I do if I lose my air ticket?

No worries. You might have already received your e-ticket on the successful booking of your flights. You may also be allowed to use the e-ticket in your mobile at the flight desk to take printed copies of it.

7. How early should I report at the airport for an International flight?

We would recommend our customers to be 4 hour before the time of departure to just be on the safe side. Furthermore, you will also have ample time to relax and settle down.

8. Do I have to Carry a Passport while I am traveling to a country that offers Visa Free Travel?

For any international travel, the traveler requires to carry a valid passport, no matter if the country is visa free or not.

9. Can I carry food items on an international flight?

In most cases you are not allowed to carry food items on international flights.

10. Is it possible to change my name on the flight ticket?

Call our ticketing staff to understand the procedure for the same.

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