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Terms and Conditions

Please Read This. It Constitutes Part Of Your Contract For Your Travel And Related Services. Please Call Us Immediately If You Have Any Queries.

Welcome to TajTravel (“TajTravel", "we", "our", "us") website. This Site is designed with the sole intention to assist our customers with travel information including the availability of travel-related services, making reservations or for business transactions with travel suppliers etc. The following terms and conditions apply to all travel related goods and services offered by TajTravel and/or its agents, employees, subsidiaries, affiliated companies or independent contractors. By using this site for information purpose or to reserve travel tickets or for any other purpose, you agree to our Terms & Conditions.

The term “Service” as used in the Terms and Conditions covers: travel consultation and planning, charter or other airfare and other travel-related goods offered, recommended, or provided by TajTravel.

We reserve the right to amend these Terms & Conditions at any time without prior notice. Your continued use of the Site following the change updated to the Terms & Conditions means you accept those changes. Please get back to this page from time to time to review any changes.


Safety Guarantee

TajTravel values your trust. We use reasonable measures to protect your personal information within our organization. However, no storage system or data transmission can be guaranteed to be 100% safe. If you have the reason to think that your interaction with us is no longer secure, please notify the customer service at +1(516)3279800 or so that we have a chance to endeavor to address your concerns.


The Services offered by TajTravel are accessible for purchase by the residents of the United States, its territories, protectorates and possessions who have all the required authority to access and perform the obligations under these Terms and Conditions. Traveler(s) must be over the age of 18 to avail a TajTravel Trip.


The traveler(s) is required to go through all particulars of their booking to confirm (not restricted to): traveler names, street number, email address, phone number, date of birth, airfare, pricing, landing/flight airplane terminals, facilities, and composed activities on your booking receipt. It is advisable to notify if any corrections or changes are required on your booking details. On failure to report such mistakes or omissions, traveler(s) is responsible for any kinds of risks or expense associated with it. Traveler(s) assumes full & sole responsibility for any or all risks and/or expenses involved with failure to report such errors and/or omissions. Traveler(s) is required to confirm the exactness of the traveler's LEGAL first and last names. It is compulsory that visitor names be same as that of the traveler’s LEGAL first and last names and identical to the names as they show up on booking and travel archives.

Travel Documents

Traveler(s) accepts sole accountability to affirm the documentation prerequisites for all passports, visa, inoculation, or other section as well as travel necessities to each destination. Traveler(s) undertakes the sole accountability for, and thus releasing from any responsibilities or risks regarding all harms brought about on failure of Traveler’s ability to comply with the documentation necessities. TajTravel recommends the traveler to consult with the concerned domestic and foreign government agencies regarding the document requisites and formalities.


You agree that if you have an outstanding payment to TajTravel and do not make satisfactory payment arrangements, you account may be placed with an external collection agency. You will be responsible for reimbursement of any fees from the collection agency, including all expenses and costs incurred collecting your account, and possibly including reasonable attorney’s fees if so incurred during collection efforts. If the payment is not received by TajTravel on or before the Payment Due Date, booking will be cancelled automatically.

All together for TajTravel or their assigned external collection agency to benefit your account, and where not denied by relevant law, you agree that TajTravel and the assigned external agency are authorized to (i) contact you by the telephone number(s) you give (ii) reach by sending instant messages (message and data rates may apply) or email and (iii) strategies for contact may include pre-recorded voice message as well as utilization of automatic dialing device, as applicable. TajTravel accepts payments by International credit cards including Visa, American Express, Discover, and MasterCard.


A. General Conditions Governing Air Transport

Air tickets are non-refundable, highly restrictive, and non-transferable. Changes in passenger names, travel dates, times, routings, or departure/arrival airports is at the sole discretion of the airline and, if allowed, will probably be liable to a significant change fee.Traveler is in charge of any such expenses. With regard to the purchase of air tickets, TajTravel acts as an intermediary between you and the airline. When you book a ticket, your credit/debit card will be charged for the sum demonstrated – no matter whether the reservation is utilized. Credit won't be given for any unused air tickets and can't be utilized toward any future reservations.

All air tickets will be granted for economy class except if generally indicated. Likewise, all the trip will be round-trip except if generally specified. Seat assignments are liable to the aircraft policies and will most likely be unable to be made until you are at the airplane terminal on the departure day. Air tickets reserved through TajTravel may not liable to procure preferred flyer miles. You concur to affirm all reservations with the aircraft prior date of departure (TajTravel suggests a confirmation before 72 hours).

Direct flights may be “non-stop” and may include one or more stop-over. The same applies to corresponding flights that may be liable to crew changes. When you book a charter or scheduled flight with a stop-off in a town, and the second flight takes off from a different airport to the arrival airport, make sure that you have enough time for arriving the second airport. The drive to the other terminal will be at your own expense. TajTravel will not be able to reimburse you these costs, nor will it be at risk in the event that you miss the second flight.

TajTravel responsibilities in regard to air travel are restricted by the important aircraft's conditions of carriage. The aircraft satisfying your agreement for carriage may alter from the carrier said by TajTravel. TajTravel can't determine the kind of aircraft to be utilized by any ariline. In the event that a carrier drops or delays a flight, you should work specifically with the aircraft to guarantee that you reach your destination on or before the mentioned time. TajTravel won’t make any reimbursement for the Trips missed, to some degree or full.

B. Prohibited Practices:

You concur that you won't deviate from your booking by making any unscheduled stopovers. Tickets may not be acquired and utilized at fare(s) from an initial takeoff point on the ticket which is before your actual point of set off, or to a far distant point(s) than your real destination point being traveled even when the buying and use of such tickets would produce a lower fare. This is known as “Hidden City Ticketing” or “Point beyond Ticketing” which is prohibited. The buying and use of round-trip tickets for single-way travel only, known as “Throwaway Ticketing” is also forbidden. “Back-to-Back Ticketing” referred to the use of multiple different point tickets issued at round trip fares for circumventing applicable rules (such as advance purchase/minimum stay requirements) is also prohibited.

If the tickets are bought and used in violation of these restrictions, TajTravel and the associated air carrier have the right to take all actions permitted by law, including but not restricted to, the following:

  • Refute the ticket(s).
  • Cancel the remaining itinerary portions.
  • Seize the unused flight coupons.
  • Decline to board you and to convey your baggage.
  • Evaluate you for the actual estimation of the Ticket which shall be the distinction between the least fare applicable to your real schedule and the fare actually paid.
  • Delete miles in your regular flyer account as well as end your participation in the periodic customer program.
  • Take legal move against you.

C. Loss of air tickets

You consent to secure your tickets (if there arise an occurrence of a paper ticket issued instead of E-ticket by an aircraft/bearer) and bear all expense identified with the theft or less. In the event that you lose your air ticket or if your ticket is stolen, TajTravel prompts that you instantly report it to the police and to the carrier.

D. Luggage

Regarding the conveyance of luggage, every aircraft has its own policy. We suggest that you check with your carrier early for any weight confinements and extra charges related to the checked stuff. You will be in charge of paying to the aircraft any extra charges for checked or overweight things, including, however not constrained to, golf sacks and curiously large baggage. In the event that you surpass as far as possible set by your aircraft, and excess weight is allowed, you should pay a supplement specifically to the carrier at the airplane terminal.

The aircraft is subject to you for the things you endow to it just for the compensation observed in the relevant statutes and international conventions. In case of any harm, late sending, burglary or loss of the baggage, you should contact your carrier and claim the harm, loss of your belongings prior to the leaving of the air terminal, and afterward submit a declaration with the following documents including the travel ticket and baggage check-in-slip originals. TajTravel unequivocally prescribes that you get an insurance policy which encompass the the estimation of your things.

E. Limitation of Liability for Air Transport


Accommodation and Activities

“Accommodations” are described as lodgings in a house or similar living quarters afforded to travelers including yet not restricted to inns, townhouses, and lodges in voyage ships, campgrounds, motels, timeshares, and resorts.

A. Accommodation Classifications

The number of stars ascribed to the accommodations (hotels and other facilitators) quoted by TajTravel relate to a grouping set up as a point of reference in connection with the local standards in the host nation. Keep in mind that the "star" assignments may differ from nation to nation. The remarks we make in our descriptions depend on our insight into the establishments and the remarks we have received from clients. TajTravel makes no guarantee about the appropriateness or accessibility of the lodging, and if the specific facilities looked for are inaccessible, we will do our best to save practically identical accommodation, if possible. You would bear any extra expenses, i.e. upgrades, and so forth. We hold the right, for technical reasons, in instances of power majeure or activities by outsiders, to supplant the arranged lodging with an accommodation of a similar category offering equivalent provisions. This would just be in exceptional situations and in such cases we will inform you immediately as we know of the necessity.

B. Taking possession of and vacating your room

Check-in and check-out policies regarding the room may often vary with hotels and the host country. Hence, it is obligation to check with the lodging early to confirm the applicable arrangements and times. TajTravel isn't in charge of any charges and harms caused as a result of your inability to timely check-in and vacating of your room.

C. Types of room

Policies regarding check-in and check-out of rooms often vary with hotel and host country. Hence it is your responsibility to check with the lodging early to confirm the pertinent arrangements and timings. TajTravel is not responsible for any charges and harms occurring as a result of the failure in timely check-in and check-out of your room.

D. Meals

These depend on the meal plan chosen./applicable.

This All-inclusive meal plan comprises of lodging, breakfast, lunch, supper and ordinary beverages (mineral water, natural juice, soft drinks, wines, local liquor). Some beverages may not be incorporated and will be charged separately.

Full board-This plan comprises of lodging, breakfast, lunch and supper, yet no beverages.

Half board-This plan comprises of lodging, breakfast and either supper or lunch, yet no beverages.

On account of full board or half board, drinks are excluded, except if particularly specified in the description. In a few nations drinking water isn't always available, and the drinking water purchased are hence at the client's cost. It is important to agree to will all the guidelines, especially with regard to the opening time of the restaurant(s) or bar(s), and the spots assigned for the dinners and beverages.

E. Activities offered during the stay

All the activities are not meant for all ages or for people with certain medical conditions. TajTravel may not be held responsible in case of an incident or mishap which is because of an absence of cautiousness on your part.

Especially amidst the high season that there is chance for the deficit of enough quantity of parasols, loungers, sports hardware, and so on for request. The opening hours of eateries, bars and clubs might be unpredictable and depend on the administration of the establishment being referred to. You concur that TajTravel isn't responsible for activities inaccessible because of any of the reasons listed previously.

Mostly outside providers will organize sports activities for collective participation. Any expenses identified with such activities are at the client's cost. So also these activities might be pulled back at the decision of the coordinator if there isn’t enough demand. This won't entitle you to any compensation.


F. Infants

Parents travelling with kids are requested to take appropriate food for their kids, as that might not be available at the destination. Sometimes you may be charged an extra amount for certain provisions including heating of baby food/drinks or special items like cot etc. It would be better to ensure the availability of such provisions while reserving tickets, though we cannot ensure the availability of such special services.

G. Pregnant Women

Pregnant or expectant women are supposed to comply with the rules and regulations of transport suppliers regarding their transportation.

  • Without a doctor's report, a pregnant woman is allowed to fly up to their 28th week of pregnancy.
  • Pregnant woman who is in her 32nd week or more are not allowed to fly, even if they have clearance report from their doctor.
  • Pregnant woman expecting single baby is allowed to air travel between weeks 28-35 if she has fitness report from a doctor.
  • Pregnant woman expecting twins or more infants can air travel between weeks 28-35 with doctor’s fitness report. They are not allowed to fly after 31 weeks even with doctor’s fitness report.
  • The medical report must be dated a minimum of 7 days prior to the travel day.
  • Doctor's name, diploma number and surname should be clearly shown on the clearance certificate.
H. Travelers with Special Needs or Disabilities

Persons with special needs or Disabilities are requested to call the accommodations provider ahead of the time and must confirm that their special needs are met. TajTravel cannot guarantee the provision of accommodation, facilities or activity provider mentioned on its Site to meet the special requirements of the disabled customers. Further, TajTravel has no special knowledge on the specific requirements for disabled persons regarding any activity or special services. For information regarding the availability of any special services or other reservation, better contact the supplier directly.

Cancellation Policies

All cancellations MUST be in writing and should be sent to . Note that cancellation request sent to any other emails will not considered or processed. Upon the reservation, travelers hereby acknowledge and agree liability for the cancellation fees imposed by TajTravel and the supplier. Cancellations will be posted on the day of receipt of the complete cancellation documents by TajTravel before 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time(PT) on business day. Other cancellations will be posted only on the next business day. Example: In case of receipt of a fax at 7pm on Saturday, the request will be processed on the following working day(Monday). The cancellation will be confirmed via email if it's processed.

Travel Protection

We strongly recommend Travel insurance protection.

Being your travel agent, we are responsible for your safety and hence recommend the purchase of travel protection insurance to safeguard your trip and you. Though we offer coverage through certain carriers, we are not able to compare the companies or policies available in the marketplace. Hence the responsibility rests solely upon you and is advised to do some research in finding the best coverage that befits your specific needs.

By refusing travel protection insurance, you agree liability for damages, out-of-pocket expenses incurred and any cancellation penalties. You also accept and concur the responsibility for arranging and paying for medical treatments needed in case of any urgency. Kindly note that by refusing policy coverage, you are waiving off your right to protection coverage and your confirmation to this will be noted as “declined” against the concerned section. In case of holding a travel protection policy, you should review your confirmation, in case if you think your travel protection confirmation indicates declined, contact us immediately via phone. You failure to contact us on timely base will be considered as the rejection of protection policy.

We recommend you to read your travel protection policy as it bears relevant information. The policy includes but is not constraint to information on the extent of protection coverage and procedures of making a claim.

You are supposed to file all the requests for the services under the policy directly with the travel insurance provider, with respect to the terms and conditions that you need to review upon the receipt of the policy. TajTravel is not liable to advise you regarding the policy cancellation and claim procedures and processing. The queries regarding coverage, penalty and cancellation should be directed to the insurance provider only. Due to privacy laws, the insurance provider may not be allowed to discuss the policy and claim details with TajTravel. Hence, you acknowledge that TajTravel will not involve in your insurance claim. You do accept that TajTravel is not liable or responsible for policy coverage, claims procedure and processing and denial of the claims.


TajTravel is just and intermediary between you and the supplier. We do not own or operate any services such as cruise lines, airlines, hotels, travel protection companies or other travel-related suppliers who deliver goods and services for passengers. You agree that TajTravel is not liable for any damages, loss, delay or injury to the traveler as a result a contract breach, wilful or negligent act or omission, or by any person other than TajTravel or its employees, but not limited to agents, representatives, employees or suppliers.

The right to deviate from scheduled route or itinerary without any prior notice or limitation rests upon the suppliers, in case of any specific reason. You acknowledge that TajTravel is not responsible for the travel delays, deviations, cancellations, missed connections, mandated overnight stay and other conditions beyond its control. We are not at liable for any loss incurred on any items purchased during the trip or due to gambling.

We recommend that all travelers be in sound physical and mental conditions and have medical certificate for travel. In case of any physical disabilities, you are requested to report the condition to us at the reservation time upon initial booking so that we can contact the suppliers to check special accommodations and amenities provided. The traveler is required to bring their own devices like walkers, wheelchairs or similar devices if needed. In case of further assistance, the Suppliers usually require the traveler be accompanied by a person who is able to provide assistance. Supplier is liable to deny Traveler whose physical or mental condition may interfere with the itinerary. You agree that TajTravel shall be held free of risk in the event if all claims related to travel rejected by Supplier on reason of physical or mental condition.

While taking pride on choosing premium quality Suppliers, TajTravel offers no guarantee or warranty on the quality of accommodation, food, transportation or other provisions provided by the Supplier. You concur that TajTravel shall not be liable for any reimbursement, either fully or partially, due to unsatisfactory services by the Supplier. We will not be responsible for any incident or mishaps occuring at hotels, airport, airplanes, resort, bus/train station or during transportation during the trip. Prior to the journey, you should have a thorough understanding of the nature of the transportation and risks associated with the travel, baggage and so on.

Limitation of Liability

Without limitation, you agree that TajTravel is not liable for any harm or damages related to any act of God, restraints of any government, rulers, public enemies, war, terrorist activity, revolution, rebellion, political upheaval, civil unrest, fire, explosion, riots weather conditions, mechanical failures, disease, calamity, abnormal conditions, closure of airport/hotels/seaport/train station, logistical issues, food or water poisoning, construction failures, illness, natural disasters, theft, damaged/lost/delayed baggage, lockouts or any latent defects even existing at the commencement of the journey.

Modification/Amendment of Terms & Conditions

Without any prior notice, we may amend or modify the terms and conditions at any time on the understanding that the posted changes will not apply to the Services booked before the modification or amendment. Hence it is essential that you review and accept our Terms and Conditions at the time of making a booking, especially in order to understand which provisions are in operation at that time in case we have changed since the last time you made a booking with TajTravel or reviewed our Terms and Conditions.

Failure of TajTravel to act according to a breach of these Terms and Conditions by you does not waive its right to act with respect to similar or subsequent breaches. TajTravel doesn't guarantee that we will take action against all breaches of the mentioned terms and conditions.


If any provision or terms of this agreement is invalid, unlawful or unenforceable for any reason, then that terms or provisions will be deemed severable from the agreement and will it affect the enforceability and validity of the remaining terms.


Headings mentioned are only for reference purposes and do not restrict the extent of likewise sections.

Mandatory Arbitration/Choice of Law/Forum

The parties hereby acknowledge and concur that any disputes relating or arising out of this agreement shall be submitted to final binding arbitration as per the Commercial Arbitration Rules of the American Arbitration Association and and will be administered by the laws of the State of Texas. The Parties concur that the arbitration will occur in Dallas County, Texas and will be directed by a solitary commonly agreed upon arbitrator. The arbitrator will allow the both sides to lead reasonable discovery, in her/his sole discretion, and a written award will be rendered. The parties shall equally split the payment of the arbitration costs including the room rent and arbitrator’s fee. Judgment upon the award rendered by the arbitrator can be entered in any court having jurisdiction thereof.

The Parties concur and acknowledge that this arbitration is their sole recourse and that they may not file a lawsuit against TajTravel. TajTravel will be entitled to recuperate its attorney’s fees and other expenses incurred in the enforcement of the terms of this Agreement, including costs incurred seeking referral to arbitration, if traveler(s) fails to submit their claim to arbitration and instead files lawsuit. Traveler(s) and TajTravel concur that neither party shall be eligible to join or consolidate claims or arbitrate any claim as a representative or class action.

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