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Frequently Asked Questions

Find the most frequently asked questions and answers from experts on booking discount travel through If you don’t find the answer to yours here, please call us; we will be happy to answer yours personally.

Why is my airfare different from what I find on other websites?
The price of the air tickets will be decided by Airlines and they usually sell tickets for the highest price. Based on the various categories, they classify the seats (For example, some seats are allotted for corporate clients) and set the price. Depending on airplane capacity and time taken until the departure also, the seat price varies. As it is impractical to determine the accurate cost of a seat for any given flight, we always quote the lowest possible fare that fits your specific needs.
How do I know if I need a passport?
At the time of trip arrangements, our trip experts will give guidance on whether you need a passport or not. For the latest information on how to get a passport and which countries require one, we recommend visiting the website of the US state department.
What is the difference between a passport and a visa?
A passport is actually a travel document issued by the government permitting you to enter other countries and re-enter your home country. A travel visa is an official government document granted by a nation to a foreigner, permitting them to enter, stay within and to exit that country.
My name has changed from the one listed on my passport. Does that mean I need a new passport?
Certainly. You need a passport that shows your current official name. For more details, visit the state department’s passports & international travel website.
Do I need an international driver’s license?
An International Driver Permit (IDF)that certifies the validity of your driver's license with your name, photo and driver information is a valid form of identification accepted in 150 countries. Though it’s not mandatory, most countries recommend you get an IDP. The State Department permits only two entities to issue IDPs. Find out how to get yours here.
How will I know the country I am visiting is safe?
We do our best to ensure your safety and inform you of the travel concerns. Considering the changing scenario of global affairs, we give prime importance to your safety, and hence recommend you visit the the US state department travel advisories site, whenever you plan to travel.

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