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Fare Tracker

What if you had a genie that could show the flight lists and preferences as per your preferences; such as the cheapest flights for USA; or the best fare deals for travelling to Switzerland?? What if you had access to a completely organized list of all the discounts and offers on flight fares for all the flights for the whole world?? The flight booking and ticketing process as well as money saving would have become easier and better right. Though we can’t give you a genie or the access to such classified data, we, the Taj Travels – a premium travel agent based in America, can give you a powerful tool that is nothing less.

Taj Travels’ Fare Tracker – The Genie:

Fare Tracker is a high-quality and efficient tool that has been designed and developed by the team of the Taj Travels and helps you in finding the best possible deals and discounts on all the flights across the globe. With our Fare Tracker at work, you can plan your vacation to the best possible extent as you end up saving a lot of money on the ticketing. It has a simple 2 step process:

  • Fill the destination and source of the travel
  • Fill the place where you would like to get notifications and information regarding the fares and discounts.

Taj Travels’ Fare Tracker – Pros that are too persuading to be ignored:

  • A constantly updated and highly comprehensive search engine and crawler that tracks the latest deals, offers and discounts on all the websites and produces the results in a few minutes.
  • The fastest and the best method to book cheap flights without any hassle.
  • The tool can send results over the email as well as mobile which makes it well-suited to the needs of a person on the go.

With Fare Tracker at your disposal, you never have to browse the countless websites or waste time, effort and money to find the best possible tickets and flights for your travel needs.

Choose Fare Tracker, your own genie that doesn’t stay in the bottle and takes you places you love to be at or want to be at.

Step 1: Add FareTrackers
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Step 2: Tell us where you'd like to receive your alerts

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