finding missed things on airplane

Everybody loves that feeling of deboarding the flight and arriving at the destination. Well, believe us when we say that a lot can happen in the time you deboard the plane and reach the place you were intended to; because – ‘there’s many a slip, between the cup and the lip’. During the de-boarding process, many travelers happen to lose their belongings be it bags, kids’ bags; toys; computers and their accessories; chargers or iPads and even Phones. Well, the long plane journeys can really make your brains go soft and with all the rush to leave the plane as fast as everyone can; the odds of losing anything are very high. If you are carrying things  to travel to India few things you should need to know.

Things help you to do if you lost something on the Airplane

Well, worry not!! This post will be telling you the different courses of actions you can take in case if you lost something on the airplane like that happens to you.

Go back to the arrival gate

If you realize a missing belonging in a few minutes of deboarding the plane, you can go back to the arrival gate and contact the staff and crew members over there for help in finding out the lost item.

Check things at Arrival Gate

As all the planes have to be cleaned after the landing, the odds of getting back your belonging are very high.

Airport Authorities

However, you have come out of the airport and realized the missing belonging while boarding a taxi (or any other conveyance etc), then you can contact the airport authorities.


airport assistance with taj travel

The staff will suggest the next course of action as per their policies and the case.

Filling the forms

We know, that filling the ‘Lost and Found’ forms is the last, in fact, the most hated activity you would want to do after enduring a long travel and the loss of a belonging.


Filling the form on airport to recover missed things


But, this is the foremost and the best thing you can do if you have come outside the gates and reached the airport exits. Fill the form as earnestly as possible and discuss with the helper staff about the next things you can do in order to reclaim the lost item.

Device Tracking

In case, you have lost some gadget, such as the iPad, iPhone, Laptop etc that comes with the tracking facility, you can easily track it using the other connected devices and locate it.

smart baggage gps tracking

When you have an exact location, contact the airport authorities as fast as possible and you can find the device.

In case you are traveling for the very first time with the gadgets, then ensure that you install the device trackers and configure them properly in various connection modes for proper tracking.

Follow-Up with the airport and Customer Care

In case, the belonging lost has not been found and has been enrolled under the ‘Lost and Found’ department, you have to follow-up with the relevant airport department regularly. Get help from airport assistance. Necessary inquiries can be made to the customer care departments as well. Generally, the lost baggage is sent back to the airport from which it has been shipped and lies with the ‘lost and found’ department for a specific time period. The owner is awaited and might be contacted (depending on the policies) for the reclaiming of the belonging; before settling the belonging in the airport sales etc.

Foreign Embassy Help

In case you lose something really confidential and crucial that is detrimental for lives, people or corporations in general and if you have a theft suspicion, then you can also seek the help from the embassies and get the high-offices involved in the seeking process. Well, this is all you can do if you lost something on the airplane. So, be calm and be alert while traveling to ensure that no loss is incurred in any manner.

Be vigilant and enjoy your travel..!!!


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