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The urban set up is highly mundane and you know it. Despite having a lot of entertainment opportunities and urban facilities that see to it that you are well provided with everything, there is something missing in the modern urban lifestyle. It is arresting and it captivates you within itself to the point that you start to feel consumed within the urban setup. This occasionally leads to depression to even those people are otherwise affluent and have everything that anybody can ask for. So what do we need? It is often said that travelling is food for the soul and it’s right. But this holds true not just for the soul but also for one’s health.

Here, we shall talk about the top 10 health benefits of traveling and why we must all make it a point to dedicate a significant chunk of our time to travel.

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The Heart Wants What it Wants

As we get older, it is common that we develop disorders. This is particularly common among the people who are in the age group of 35 to 50. The corporate world often demands that you sit for long hours on the desk and remain focussed on your laptop screens. Add to that the overall boredom that succumbs you throughout the day as a result of which the only possible escape that you find is in junk food. You end up eating burgers and whatnot and put in a lot of bad cholesterol and trans fat in your body which only acts as an added burden on your love organ. As a corollary of this, we end up developing heart issues. But here, traveling comes as a savior in this case. Travelling has a direct as well as an indirect benefit that it accrues to the heart. First, it directly amplifies the heart to fight the pulmonary issues and helps deal with blocked nerves. Secondly, it also helps by battling stress levels which add to heart issues. If you love to travel, you must know that you may either never develop heart issues or at least postpone any such development.

Fitness is the Key

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The key difference between how we spend our times traveling and how we do it in the office is our postures. While in the office, most of us have our heads straight but not the backbone. Due to this, many of us end up developing back pains and this can have a very bad effect on our overall fitness as you may not be able to lift up certain weights and your physical activities may be restricted. On the other hand, while we travel, we are all aware that we are most often on the move. We indulge in physical activities of various kinds. This can have a major positive bearing on our fitness levels and often when people return after a vacation they feel more energized and active.

A boost to your mood and your intellect

We all know that traveling in even the most miniature forms makes us feel lighter. For instance, at the end of a taxing day, you might want to go watch a movie or sit by your favorite lake in the city (given it has one). But it is always recommended that every once in a while you take out some time and use it to calm yourselves. Traveling has a calming effect on the soul and not only this, but it also helps us with the dust that settles on our intellect over time when all we end up doing every day is going to the office and come back home. Traveling helps us break these barriers as well as the cycle within which we arrest ourselves. So if you really love your boss, tell him you want to take a vacation and you’ll be more focussed when you come back. Savvy?

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Immunity – Build Your Shield

Aren’t we all aware of the general advantages of going on a mini trip or a grand family vacation? But what about certain specific things that no one even talks about. For instance, traveling helps you better your immunity level. Often, when we spend a lot of time at a single given place, we end up adapting to the environment we live in. This is natural as we end up settling down with the physical structure of the environment. When you walk off to foreign soil, you end up immersing yourself in an altogether different structure of the environment. The composition of the air, the level of pollution as well as the particles that remain suspended within the air for long. In other words, you expose yourself to an entirely different environment. This triggers the growth of antibodies that enhance your immunity level and help you fight foreign elements.

Fight Stress and Get Out of the ‘Depression’ 

Often the reason why we fail to get out of the stress within which we are ‘arrested’, and fail to get out of long-term depression is that the environment in which this stress or the state of depression was introduced, continues to persist and thrive along with the person. Once a person goes traveling, the change in the environment comes across as a refreshing element and often proves to be very helpful in channelizing the energies locked within the urban setup. So if you have a friend struggling with depression and chronic stress, you know what to do.

Bones like Metal

Did you know that traveling can help in developing stronger bones? We often associate the advantages reaped from traveling to spiritual levels and forget the real health benefits that it accrues to us. Travelling exposes us to a lot of sunlight which often fails to permeate the insides of our locked-up offices. And as we all know sunlight helps us with Vitamin D which in turn help us develop strong bones. Also, the physical activities involved during traveling also challenge our body which has a role to play in the conditioning of our bones.

Weight Loss

Although you must not hope to lose 10 kgs or its multiples, you can definitely expect that traveling will help you set up momentum for your which if you continue after you return from your trip, you can definitely expect that you will be losing a lot of weight over time. This momentum can be enlarged however if the trip on which you go involves climbing or ascending to great heights. Because it has occasionally been reported that going on trips which involve said activities trigger a lot of weight loss.

Lungs are Cared for

There are two types of people – those who smoke and those who do not. And the latter kind is usually very lung conscious. But even then, as we know, no one is immune from the pollution to which we are kept subjected in the cities. Due to the pollution and the dust settled in the air, everybody gets equally affected. This leads to various kinds of lung-related issues such as bronchitis and lung cancer. Travelling allows us to lead ourselves into a different kind of atmosphere such that we get a lot of clean and fresh air. In fact, the air near sea areas is known to have the ability to detox the lungs.

Skin Everyone Falls in Love With


The dust and the pollution prevalent in the cities poses great harm to the skin of the residents of the city, despite the best of products available for skincare. Pollution leads to concentration of cortisol which may even lead to tearing of the skin. Travelling can be very helpful for the skin. For instance, the sand and the salts near the beach have exfoliating properties and help to deep cleanse the skin from the inside. It is this reason why those who return from a trip to the nearest beach often feel that they have smoother skin. Besides, the absorption of Vitamin D in the sunlight also helps the skin to restore the balance of its texture.

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City dwellers often fall prey to the vices of the city life and end up losing on the sleep hours. This is due to not only the stressful environment but also due to noise pollution, high light pollution levels and air pollution too. Travelling to a new place allows one to break free from this monotonous setup and assists the body to become stress-free and refreshed and helps the circadian rhythm to fall back in place over time.


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