The best way to kill time on a long flight and to get refreshed is to get a perfect sleep. It also has an advantage, as it prevents jet lag after reaching your destination. However, noise, sunlight and crowded places can make it difficult for you to get proper sleep during the flight.


If you are a business traveller who travels long distance frequently it can be tiring. So it is essential to get the kind of restful and restorative sleep that you need. Jet lag, multiple flight changes, changing time zones, flight delays, hotel delays, sleeping in unfamiliar places and so on can really spoil your sleep schedule. Below mentioned are some of the tips and tricks to ensure you to get a perfect and quality sleep when on long flight journeys.

  1.    Book a non-stop flight

Try to book in direct and non-stop flights. They have the advantage of getting you straight to your destination, without you having to get off the plane and back on another one. The more time you have on one plane, the easier it will be for you to get some quality sleep. So, try booking direct or non-stop flights rather than opting for connection flights. Connection flight is a strain and is an interruption to good sleep.

  1.    Recline your seat

Our usual position always triggers comfortable sleep. So try to mimic it while you are on the flight. If you are in a window seat, lean against the wall and get support for your head and shoulder. Otherwise, recline your seat to the maximum and curl on to your favorite position.

  1.    Remove your shoe

Always remove your shoes before preparing for sleep at the same time you can keep wearing socks. Moreover sitting for a long time in flight with shoes on is not good for health. Feet should be relaxed and should enable good blood circulation.

  1.    Use your sleep mask and neck pillow

Make sure to set a kit with paraphernalia essential for sleeping. Neck pillow, sleeping mask, earplug, blanket, and earplugs. If you don’t have a blanket ask for one. Most of the airways provide a cozy blanket for you to curl in. For a long flight, the window seat is most recommended

  •    If you are going to use headphones to listen to music, make sure that the volume is not set too high so that you do not disturb the fellow passengers around you.
  •    There are many applications for smartphones that provide a soothing music that will help you to sleep or relax – for example, SleepStream.
  1.    Pack your earplugs

One of the biggest nuisances that can disturb your sleep on the flight is noise. People speaking, background noises or any kind of unfamiliar noise can keep you awake or keep you from reaching the deepest stage of sleep. In order to avoid this kind of noises, get a foam kind of earplugs that expand in your ear. These earplugs will block a lot of background noise.

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  1.    Put on the compression socks to improve blood circulation

With a pair of compression socks, you can avoid tingling or uncomfortable foot pain, as well as other major conditions such as blood clots. This preventive measure is particularly important if you are planning to sleep for many hours during your flight journey.

  1.    Avoid looking at bright screens like your laptop or a television screen

Using Gadgets are part and parcel of our life, but it has an adverse effect on sleep. Especially before preparing for a long sleep make sure to put your gadgets away. Especially in a not so comfortable space use of gadgets can affect the quality of sleep.

  1.    Ask the flight attendant not to disturb you

Before the flight takes off, call a flight staff aside and politely ask them not to bother you in case if you fall asleep. Nowadays airlines are designed with options for the passenger to set ‘do not disturb’ mode.  

  1.    Bring familiar items with you

You fall asleep in a familiar atmosphere, to recreate your comfortable spot you can carry things which can make you feel at home or at the usual sleeping spot. Keep something like a small pillow, you always keep near you while sleeping,  a book you read before sleeping, a blanket that you use or a particular fragrance that can associate with your usual sleeping spot.

Try this tips in your next long flight and fall asleep.


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