Northeast India has always intrigued us with its mesmeric landscapes, unending picturesque sights, and delectable cuisine. Not only that, the tourism across all the 8 states of the northeast belt has seen a remarkable rise in the past few years. The access through various modes of transport has given a lot of push to the traffic coming in from the rest of the country. The latest example is the opening of Pakyong Airport in Sikkim which has ensured easy access to people wanting to get a glimpse of this beautiful place but could not do so because of lack of transport avenues.

There are several unexplored places in the Northeast region that due to the extreme weather conditions and rough terrain could not be visited before. Lack of infrastructure development was also one of the major reasons why people could not visit the place. But these were things of the past. There have been so many changes of late that have paved the way for a very promising future for tourism across all these states. Be it for Trekking, Mountaineering, Bike Rallies or a perfect family outing, the northeast is the place to be.

Of all the beautiful places that one comes across the Northeast, let’s have a look at seven places that should not be given a miss.

The Tawang Monastery

Located in the city of Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh, this monastery is India’s largest and also the world’s second largest. It is 3 stories high and has 65 residential buildings inside it. The monastery is situated at the top of a mountain making it a perfect destination for sightseeing. One can get a mesmerizing view of the Tawang valley from the top. The Tawang Monastery is home to 450 monks and gives an insight to the travellers of a blissful life. The Tawang town is well connected by road and is flocked by tourists round the clock.

Dzukou Valley

If you are looking out for some breathtaking and serene landscapes, then Dzukou Valley should not be given a miss. The valley is located in Nagaland and is home to the very rare Dzukou lily and some other beautiful seasonal flowers. A cold stream of water flowing through this valley makes the entire setting look even more gorgeous. One should always plan to visit this place during the flower season in July and get a heavenly sight of the colorful fauna of the region. The valley lies on the border of Nagaland and Manipur and is a big hit among the people of these 2 states. The best way to reach the valley is from the Nagaland side as the roads are in better shape from there.


Zuluk is one of the most unexplored destinations of the state of Sikkim. It is a scenic village located in the majestic hills of eastern Himalayas. On your trip to the village, you can come across a loop of 32 hairpins that will leave you spellbound. Zuluk lies on the road that connects Tibet to India and one who looks forward to visiting the state should always take a day out and experience the beauty of this place. It is surely emerging as an offbeat destination that is all set to surprise its visitors by offering them an alluring view of the valley. The pins that lead to the Zuluk village give you a panoramic view of Mount Kanchenjunga.

Majuli Island

This biggest river island in the world is located on the Brahmaputra River in Assam. This is a nature lover’s destination as it is surrounded by greenery across its length and breadth. This place is heaven for tourists who are inclined to bird watching. One can travel from Jorhat to this place. The best part is that there are 100 different varieties of rice that are grown here. Tourists can always look forward to having the taste of the various rice types here. One can always lay hands on some beautiful local pottery and artistic handlooms when visiting this place.

Ziro Valley

The Ziro Valley in Arunachal Pradesh is taking shape as one of the best tourist destinations when traveling to Northeast. This is a place which is home to the Apatanis, tribe from this region. While visiting this place one can visit The Talley Valley Wildlife sanctuary which has clouded leopards. One can also enjoy trekking at this sanctuary. Kile Pakho is one more attraction which is nearby to this valley. It’s a ridge that provides scintillating views of the landscapes and is also an ideal destination for trekkers. One can get to this place from North Lakhimpur Railway station and must include it in their travel itinerary.


A small town situated in the Jaintia Hills of Meghalaya, this town is a must visit for tourist and travelers. The crystal clear water of the Umngot River is a major tourist attraction. The town reflects a fusion of soothing calm atmosphere and the fun-filled water adventure that is bound to mesmerize its visitors. A boat ride in the clear river is one of the most unforgettable experiences a visitor can have when visiting this enchanting place. The town is located on the Indo Bangladesh border and has started to become a talking point among the tourists coming to the Northeast.


At an altitude of 4200 meters, Dzongri is the best trekking destination in India. With snow clad mountains and patches of green surrounding the region, this trek is not only adventurous but also provides an awe-inspiring view of nature. The best part is that one can get a view of the majestic Kanchenjunga from this place. The entire trail cuts through the tropical forests and some lively gorges making it exciting enough to remember for a lifetime. The Dzongri Trek can get completed in 7 days time and is a must visit for tourists who want to enjoy the beauty of the stunning nature with a tinge of adventure in it.

These places across the northeastern states offer some of the best views and memories to the travelers coming in. The rapid changes in the infrastructure and connectivity are all set to make these astounding destinations one of the most sought-after by tourists.


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