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Travelling is enjoyed by many. Today when everything can be planned with just one click, people prefer travelling to get a break from the monotony. No doubt, travel makes one feel rejuvenated and thereby, people who travel suggest the same to others. It is not necessary to take a long vacation or go to a far off place to refresh oneself. Travelling with a backpack to a place two hours from your city (maybe, with your friends or loved ones) is also enough to make you feel happy and comfortable. This can only be done when you are in your home country itself wherein you are a citizen and need not to prove your credentials every time and everywhere. But the situation changes when it comes to making a visit to a foreign country. If you are interested in travelling to different countries, you will have to make sure that you comply with the visa requirements as the essentials of every country vary.

Visa is the official authorization on your passport which allows you to travel to a foreign country as also allows you to leave the place when your purpose is served. Requirements differ considering the purpose you are travelling to a country. For instance, a student might be required to file a varied set to documents to get the endorsement on passport allowing him to travel to another country than a salaried employee who is travelling for business purposes. It might sound complicated but in reality, you can access every information regarding the above-mentioned if you spend some time on the internet.  

If you are travelling to the United States of America anytime soon or planning to do so in the future, here are some of the activities that are prohibited on its visit visa.

  1. Alternative intentions: You should clearly state the purpose of your visit to the US. The US has its own set of rules to decipher the reasons for which a person is visiting it. It becomes important to know one’s intention of travelling as the safety of the citizens of the country should not be prejudiced in any manner whatsoever. Some people travel with various purposes in mind like finding a job and settling in the US forever but fail to mention it to the consular representatives of the US. If the officers find that the object of visit mentioned in the visa is either false or not complete, they will in no time deport the alleged person to his home country or take any other action it finds appropriate.
  2. Study: The essentials of granting permission to enter US has been changed in a way which now requires you to apply for an F1 visa (which is granted to international students intending to study in the US) thus signifying that you are allowed to remain in the country and enrol in any course of study on a tourist visa. Only when your intention is to undertake a course which requires only a short period of time can you be allowed to stay in the US on a travel visa.
  3. Work: The US has clear terms when it comes to seeking employment there. Your visit visa will not be helpful if you start working in the country as it requires you to follow an altogether different procedure. Believe it or not, the fact that you are not getting paid for the job you are doing while you are on a visit to the US will not be considered as a valid reason to be excused. Thus, do not take the risk of doing any work while carrying a visit visa. Try finding out about the visa they grant to working people and only then think of working in the US.


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Moreover, you being a foreign citizen, are not allowed to carry on any kind of business activity while you are on the territory of the US. A visit visa does not give you permission to attend conferences, seminars or sell your products to the people in the US. You need to get a business visa for these purposes and if you did not do so, get ready for the penalty as well as pack your bags for deportation.

  1. Media or People associated with journalism: It goes without saying that journalists of a foreign country can prove fatal to the domestic country as one report can establish or spoil the country’s reputation in the global arena. Hence, a policy of the US requires a person travelling to the country for work that is, to cover any news or incident to inform the consular representatives about the same and apply for the visa that journalists are supposed to get and not go around with the visit visa.
  2. Silly reasons: You should not forget that you are travelling to a foreign country. You have to state the reasons for your visit in clear and definite terms. It is important not for the safety and security of the country but also for you so that you don’t have to face problems later clarifying the purpose of your visit to various officials. You will not be entertained by the people scanning your visa if you provide frivolous reasons for your visit. Be confident and sound confident when you are asked such questions. You are going to have a splendid vacation, do not spoil it because of an erroneous answer.

Keeping the above mentioned things in mind, you will be eligible for obtaining a visa for the US trip you planned. Additionally, for acquiring the visa you will have to prove to the authorities that you are a foreigner who has a residence elsewhere (not in the US) and you came to the US for enjoyment or medical purposes and the visit will be temporary. The officials will also check whether or not you have the required permission to return to some foreign country (basically your home country) after the end of your journey in the US and you have enough money to aid your stay or travel in the country. After assessing you on all these points, you will be allowed entry in the US.

Yes, it is reasonable to think that the whole process beginning from the point you decide to spend your holiday in the US to obtaining the visa which will allow you to enter the US, is a time-taking and confusing process. One small mistake might lead to the cancellation of the visa and shatter your dream to see the country. It is thereby suggested to read all the instructions carefully or employ a travel agent who will take you through the whole process of applying for the visa with no difficulty. You might be going to the US for any reason, just be sure to sign up for the correct visa and to state the correct object to the persons who ask for that information. It is not less than a crime to fool the authorities and since you will be in a foreign country and unknown of their laws, you will never be sure of what the punishment would turn out to be.

As a matter of fact, no one wants to suffer punishment or face embarrassment anywhere let alone in a foreign place. Furthermore, it would become more problematic if you are travelling with your family. It becomes your duty to get all the clearances beforehand so that your family does not face any problem after stepping their foot in the US. They would be expecting to spend a great time together and not face a penalty because you did not follow the instructions when you were supposed to. Hence, check what the activities allowed (as well as not allowed) on a visit visa and adhere to it. Have a lovely trip!


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