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Often pictured by the West as an exotic Indian ‘fitness regime’ for the young, Yoga in its true spirit, has no boundaries regarding age or nationality. Headstands and insane stances aside, yoga, which consolidates physical development with relaxation and breathing systems, has proven time and again, to help support by and large the wellbeing and prosperity of people — at all ages and movement levels, perhaps particularly for more aged adults. Seniors frequently experience the ill effects of different incessant conditions—hypertension, joint pain, poor rest and that’s only the tip of the iceberg—and regular however mild yoga has for quite some time been appeared to lighten the indications of numerous such conditions. Here is a list of the ‘Best Indian Yoga retreats for seniors in the US’, so that people from all ages are encouraged to inculcate yoga in their lifestyle.

Kripalu Centre

Kripalu Centre, situated in the city of Stockbridge in the state of Massachusetts, is a leading Yoga retreat in the US. Despite the fact that the Centre was initially connected with an eponymous style of Hatha yoga, i.e. Kripalu yoga, nowadays the Kripalu Centre also hosts round the year workshops in a plethora of styles with contributions from yoga’s best-known educators. The Centre also offers Kripalu yoga instructor-schooling programs which are additionally accessible, as are classes on Ayurveda, sound living, and alternate healing, among numerous other related subjects. The centre is situated amongst the gorgeous Berkshire Mountains, which also allows the Centre to incorporate climbing trails and lake view in the overall experience of the Yoga retreat. Guests may settle on private or quarters style rooms. Food is inclusive and consists of three meals per day and perpetually has vegetarian choices. Visitors are expected to limit their mobile phone utilization to assigned zones only so as to empower the recreation process.

Omega Institute

The next on the list is Omega Institute, located in the city of Rhinebeck in the state of New York. This institute offers a variety of yoga workshops with top educators, including Jivamukti instructor training program as well as classes on numerous different subjects including healing, wellness and spirituality. Found 90 miles from New York City in the Hudson Valley, the campus has incorporated trails, lake swimming in the mid-year, paddling, and tennis, among different exercises. Housing facilities include cabins, shared rooms, dorms, and also the freedom of camping. Three vegetarian meals are included in the daily meals and visitors are additionally allowed to go to open classes and make complete use of the grounds.

Esalen Institute

Located in Big Sur, in the state of California, the Esalen Institute is one of the prominent Yoga retreats in the United States. Here, Yoga workshops with numerous eminent instructors (with a slight west-coast bent) are offered at this picturesque institute on the California coast. Exhaustive classes on different subjects are accessible, including inventiveness, personal development, spirituality, and self-awareness. The campus incorporates a garden, pool, clothing-optional hot springs, and a beautiful beach. Mostly the rooms are shared, albeit private rooms and suites are accessible at an additional charge. Grants and work-study opportunities are also available. Since the Institute is situated in a remote area, mobile phones do not work. Three meals daily are given and consist of a wide range of dietary options.


Himalayan Institute

Himalayan Institute, as suggested by the name itself, is a gorgeous Yoga retreat centre, located in the city of Honesdale in the state of Pennsylvania. Well known Tantric scholar, Pandit Rajmani Tiginait is the head of this Institute. He also leads classes on Tantra and other subjects in the Institute. This centre provides a wide range of Yoga classes and workshops, while also offering detailed instruction in spirituality and meditation. The campus, which is 400 acres in size, is cuddled in the majestic Pocono Mountains. The visitors can take advantage of the hilly location of the campus in the form of extensive hiking trails that the Himalayan Institute provides in their very own campus only. Delicious meals are provided three times a day including a wide range of vegetarian food. Rooming options are plenty as the options range from dorm style rooms to private guesthouse like housing.

Yogaville Ashram

Located in Buckingham, in the state of Virginia, the Yogaville ashram is as beautiful as it can get. The primary building is shaped in the form of a lotus, to begin with, so you can picture the magnum beauty of the rest of the place. The full name of this retreat cum ashram is Yogaville Satchidananda Ashram. The prime objective behind the establishment of this Ashram is the study of Integral Yoga. Alongside, the study of the Integral Yoga that they offer, the Ashram also provides various workshops in a plethora of related traditions, including pranayama, chanting and meditation. Interested people can also avail the programs that conduct integral teacher and yoga instructor training, as these programs are also a significant part of the overall course offering of this Institute. Adding on to the appeal of this Ashram is its scenic location. The Yogaville Ashram is built upon a campus that spreads across an area of 600 acres and is situated near the famous breathtaking, Blue Ridge Mountains. Visitors have a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to housing in this Ashram as the options include dorms, both shared and private rooms, or even make use of the campsites and set up their stay in camps, but the last option is only available during the warmer months of the year. Meals are provided daily three times a day with vegetarian meals as an option. There are a number of activities one can indulge in while staying at the Yogaville Ashram. Activities like hiking interest a lot of visitors since the campus is perfect for the same. Other recreational activities include meditation, yoga classes and kirtan.

Shambhala Mountain Centre


Located on the panoramic view of the Red Feathers Lake in Colorado, this is the first Buddhist Centre on the list, which otherwise comprises of mostly Hindu Centres. The main building of this Centre, based on the Buddhist architecture, is extremely unique in its structure and unlike anything seen in the United States. This Buddhist centre has tons to offer in terms of recreational yoga activities. This includes workshops on Yoga, meditation, self-awareness and mindful living. Apart from this, the centre also offers a chance for its visitors to indulge in an in-depth study of Tibetan Buddhism. To accommodate more peace and calmness, the centre does not support any mobile phone services. The housing options available at the centre consist of a wide range of options inclusive of private suits, shared rooms and dorms. The option of camping and housing in tents is also available, but this option is only limited to the summer season. Three times meal is available on a daily basis with the option of vegetarian meals. The centre offers opportunities for scholarships and options of work and study programs. With this the Shambhala Mountain Centre also extends its services to people who are not financially very opulent.

Sivananda Ashram Yoga Farm

Established in the heart if the Grass Valley in California, this Ashram is one of the two yoga retreat centres of the Sivananda Organisation, with the other branch situated in New York. They also have a centre near Montreal, Canada and one in the Bahamas, if you want to travel farther afield. All of these ashrams feature ongoing instruction in Sivananda yoga and regular teacher training programs too. At the Grass Valley centre, the housing includes the options of cabins and camping. A regular stay here includes two vegetarian meals per day. The ashram also observes a humble dress code and expects the guests to participate in a fixed schedule of activities.


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