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Cheap Fights to India from USA : US the Land of Opportunity!

The United States is the largest market in the world. The country is considered one of the best places in the world to start and run business. The United States has been for some time the leaders in many fields. The country has dominated the world economy with its powerful currency the US $ and a strong passport. The United States has been for many years attracting a large number of talented people to fill in the vacant positions and skill shortages experienced in the economy. Indians are one of the largest receivers of H1-B visas, these visas are given to people that have high skills. 

The United States rewards people across the world for their high talent by granting them a green card. Green card visas help businesses grow and expand their business as these highly talented workforce help businesses innovate. Innovations help businesses grow and expand into other markets creating a multinational company founded and operated from the United States, branched across the world.

Indians in the USA

flights to India from USA

Indians in the United States became permanent residents and citizens of the country through their hard work. These people were invited into the United States for their talent. On the other hand, a selected few who had the opportunity to attend some of the prestigious schools in India (IITs and IIms) do tend to move out of the country and find a place in prestigious Universities and American corporations. Some of the biggest names in the American technology and automobile space are run by Indians, not surprisingly most of these Indians have degrees from either of these universities. 

Some of the most popular figures of Indian origin in the US include people like Sundar Pichai, Satya Nadella, Ajaypal Singh Banga and so on. Many people of Indian origin own and operate a large number of business operations. These operations are the spinal code of the American Industry. These businesses generate large amounts of foreign currency for the US market. 

Flight booking from USA to India

Flight to India from USA

India is one of the largest providers of high skilled labor for the US market. A recent survey has proved that Indians receive the majority of H1B visas. Indians who have migrated to the United States have taken up many jobs, some have even ventured into starting many businesses. A large number of Indian Americans have become successful doctors, lawyers, politicians and most importantly owners of large multinational companies in India. 

New York has been for some time the focal point of Indian Americans’ success story. The city has given equal opportunity to its residence, this has helped immigrants especially Indians to work hard and create valuable businesses in New York. Some of these businesses have grown to become International corporations. The success that Indians enjoy in the Indian market has reflected in their lifestyle as well. The Indian diaspora is considered the most successful group in the United States, earning twice as much as the national average of the US. New York has three airports of which John F. Kennedy International Airport is the most favored airport among Indians living in the United States. JFK enjoys some of the best connectivity to all major tier I and most tier-II cities in the country. The Airport also enjoys direct flights to New Delhi (The capital of the United States). Some of the most busiest JFK to India destinations include routes like:

JFK to India Flights

JFK to Delhi flights

JFK to Mumbai 

JFK to Chennai

JFK to Bangalore

JFK to Kolkata

JFK to Ahmedabad

JFK to Hyderabad

JFK to Kochi 

JFK to Kozhikode

JFK to Trivandrum

JFK to Amritsar

Direct Flights to India from the US

Very few airline operators offer direct flights between the United States and India. Air India, United Airlines offer direct flights between the two countries. Delta is planning to launch a direct flight between the two countries very soon as well. Many airlines offer stopover and layover flights between the two countries, some of the most famous airlines that operate such flights include names like Singapore Airlines, Emirates, Qatar Airways, Lufthansa and so on.  

Direct Flight VS Indirect flights

Direct flights are used by people who wish to travel to their destination of choice in the fastest way possible. Direct flights take less time to reach the desired destination than stopover flights. Stopover flights as the name suggest will stop at multiple destinations before reaching the desired destination. Indirect flights are the most common way to reach the desired location, in fact, it is the cheapest way to reach the desired location as well. The longer the duration of the flight the cheaper it becomes to travel the same. Most Indians look to choose Emirates, Singapore airlines over the rest as most of their stopovers are in Dubai and Singapore respectively. The airports in these cities are considered some of the best in the world. The Changi Airport in Singapore has a mini forest inside the airport. The level of luxury and the level of comfort followed by the number of shopping options available in the airport rivals some of the best shopping districts in the world. The travelers can comfortably spend quality time inside these airports. 


Indian migrants who reached the American shores had to work hard to achieve the success the current generation of Indians enjoy. Indians have become one of the richest immigrant communities in the world surpassing all the other migrant groups in the United States. Indians have become CEOs of some of the largest companies in the world, operating from the United States soil like Google, Mastercard, Microsoft and so on. Flights from the United States to India are the lifeline that connects the Indian diaspora living in the United States with their homeland, India. Very few aviation operators offer direct flights connecting the two countries but the huge lucrative opportunity has made other international operators consider the opting between the two countries very seriously. 


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