book emergency flights from usa to india

With most of the Indian youth settled or working abroad, it sometimes gets extremely difficult to book emergency flight tickets to India for parents and elders settled in India. An emergency of any kind demands immediate attention and those who stay far are more anxious to resolve the situation as soon as possible.

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Tips to book Emergency Flight Tickets to India

Here are a few useful tips to book your emergency flight tickets to India:

  • You can book flight tickets two hours before departure. At times if you’re not able to make an online booking, you can buy tickets at the airport’s reservation counter. Few airlines can even make bookings one hour before departure if a person is facing a serious emergency and cannot miss the trip at any cost.
  • The availability of flight tickets is based on various factors like flight capacity, seasonal sale, and price of the flight. Usually, bookings made at the eleventh hour are priced exceptionally high, making them less affordable.
  • It is always advisable to book your seat at the last minute flights to india. The added benefit is that if tickets are directly purchased via airline booking counters than you can request the airline representative for a discount on the hiked price.
  • You need to insist on the fact that it’s an emergency condition, so you have to travel, and at the same time, the flight ticket is over-priced and out of the budget. Then there are chances you might get the booking at a discounted price.
  • Airport authorities enquire for a valid proof if you want an emergency flight ticket to India. Death or medical emergency are given top priority. Hence you must prove that it’s a real emergency scenario, and you’re not going to misuse the benefit of attending any symposium or for visiting a friend.


  • When a plane is at full capacity, but the airline’s representatives have to oblige a passenger in distress, then they request few young passengers to offer their reserved seats. They promise to accommodate these passengers in the next flight. The entire process is based on the grounds of humanitarian values and not as a traveler’s right.


  • Do you ever wonder why you see hiked price every time you visit a travel portal? Well, these online sites automatically record the server details and cookies. So whenever the system detects that you are visiting any travel platform two to three times in a short span, they automatically raise the airfares. You can avoid this trouble by browsing in Incognito mode or private browsing on Chrome browsers.
  • You must compare the prices at a couple of travel portals to ensure that you’re not unnecessarily paying a high price. You can book your flight ticket to India at an odd hour as people usually avoid such flights as they are inconvenient. It is safest to book tickets on a trusted and reliable travel portal.


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