Book Business Class Flight Tickets to India for Cheap Rates

When you are traveling a long haul say from the USA to cities in India, you move anywhere between 14 to 18 hours. No wonder you would covet a comfortable journey with lie-flat beds, excellent cuisine and the very best in in-flight entertainment to beat the travel pangs. Such a premium provision can only be offered by the Business Class flight travel at prohibitively high cost, sometimes at over five times the price of an economy class ticket.

Most airline carriers now use jetliners that are compact, compared to massive jumbos matching the emerging scenario of burgeoning mass of fliers. On the flip side, there is a squeeze on the number of Business Class seats, and in any case, it is monopolized by corporate travelers on paid tickets and well-heeled individuals. There is no cause for despair, as you have some avenues open to you to land the Business Class flight tickets to India for Cheap Rates that is value for money.

Techniques to Book Business Class Flight Tickets to India for Cheap Rates:

You may adopt the following techniques which help you to know how to book a Business Class ticket to India at a cheap rate.

Use Frequent Flyer Loyalty Program Points

The best option to land a Business Class flight ticket is to get it for free through frequent flier loyalty programs that are run by many airlines. As the name suggests, you earn points as you fly and are rewarded as a perk with a free upgrade of your economy ticket to business. You need to keep track of the offers and grab it as it comes your way.

Airfare Sale Deals

As a market ploy, many international airlines offer premium cabin seats at throwaway prices. Sometimes airlines offer cheap tickets to garner business by squeezing competitors, filling up seats well in advance or simply to fill up empty seats. Such offers should hardly be missed.

Be flexible

It pays to be flexible with your travel. Chose the time when travelers are less. Corporate Flight travel on the weekends, so you may decide to take a midweek flight. On the other hand, travel in a month when it is lean for the airline.

Fly low-cost carriers

Such airlines are likely to offer the lowest business class flight tickets. Though the prices are lower, the amenities on offer are adequate to match any business class seat with free baggage allowance, extra legroom, choice of food, entertainment and you will not be any the wiser.

Use Business Class Consolidators to grab Flight offers

A Business Class Consolidator may be in a position to offer you unpublished ticket discounts, which can be cheaper by 20% to 50% than the normal market fare one to two months before travel. You have to ensure that the agent is of good standing and should be registered with industry trade bodies.

Following things to remember while dealing with travel agencies to book air tickets

  • Ensure that the price quoted is inclusive of taxes and surcharges.
  • Check the fine print for ticket restrictions and the cost for changes.
  • Make payment through credit card as an additional cover for future disputes.
  • Cross check with the airline about the booking.

Opt for second departure countries

The country where your flight originates can significantly impact the cost of your business class flight ticket. You may get some worthwhile deals by boarding your flight from one of the cheaper airfare countries. Depending on the local economic conditions and foreign exchange rates, an airline offers tickets at lower prices than in the home country. This is called airfare geo-arbitrage and could be to your advantage.

Buy Split flight Tickets

The corollary to Geo- arbitrage is splitting your journey. You will end up paying substantially reduced business class fare by buying separate flight tickets for your journey. But you must be judicious in your planning to allow sufficient time for connecting flights. Under the circumstances, the better option would be to convert the connection into a free stopover to spend a few days at your split city point.

Fly Fifth Freedom Routes

Fifth freedom route is where an airline has rights to carry flyers between two cities that are outside one’s home country. The airlines operate long-haul aircraft on these routes and offer ample opportunities for business class tickets at very reasonable rates. It is an avenue that ought to be sampled and may suit your requirement of flying business class that is easy on your pocket.

Fly lesser-known airlines

Obscure and lesser-known airlines invariably undercut major carriers with cheap business class airfares. However, there is a flip side to this as their service and ground facilities may not match major international carriers, but that is a small compromise on your part for the amount saved on the purchase of flight tickets.

Travel solo

When you travel alone, you are more likely to end up with an upgrade to a business class seat as the chances of availability of multiple seats for an upgrade is slim. It is further to your advantage if you are a member of carriers frequent flyer club.

Wear a decent demeanor

Your attire and a polite manner can carry a lot of weight even if you possess an economy class ticket. In the event of a no-show by a passenger, you stand an excellent chance of being bumped up to the business class for last minute absentees. Your demeanor may carry the day for you.
Though you may manage to wangle a business class air ticket to India from any part of the world at a reasonable cost, yet ultimately you end up paying something. However, for long flights it is well worth the extra cost. It is evident on your arrival. When you emerge from the journey as a business class passenger you are sure to look refreshed, relaxed with a prim appearance.

Nevertheless, this can hardly be the case with an economy class passenger when you look disheveled and lack freshness. The various options to earn that extra comfort through a booking Business Class Flight Tickets to India for Cheap Rates is worth a try despite shelling out a little extra.


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