Gone are the days when people used to travel to foreign countries using waterways. That’s an ancient concept, isn’t it? Now, we have these humongous flying machines carrying us to our destination within a few hours. But when travelling to and fro between faraway places, one thing that is bound to happen is hopping from one to different time zones. And what does that mean? Yes, you guessed it right. JET LAGS! Jet lags are a common phenomenon among people who often travel through airways. So are there ways in which we can tackle this problem of jet lags? Sure there are. In this article, we will try to enumerate the ways and methods you can employ to get rid of or at least fight jet lags.

But first, let us understand what a jet lag is.

What is a Jet Lag?

In a layman’s language, jet lag is a mental physical condition which is characterised by disturbed sleep patterns, tiredness and mental disorientation caused by huge durations of travelling. In a jet lag, a person’s body clock is rattled due to travelling between a number of time zones. This happens because our mind and body have a clock of their own which gets disturbed with a change in the time zones which have a different time from the one which our body is following. Naturally, our body will need a good amount of time to adjust to a new time zone. When a person is frequently travelling to different time zones in quick succession, the body does not get the proper amount of time to adjust itself to the new time, and that is how jet lag is caused.


How Long Jet Lags Can Last?

Jet lags may take a considerable amount of time to go away, i.e. until the body successfully adjusts to the new time zone. But that is subject to the person and his body. Different people take different amounts of time to cope-up with jet lags. Age is an important factor in cases of jet lags. Older people will have more severe symptoms as compared to children and young people. That’s because of the obvious reason that younger bodies and minds are more flexible and open to changes as compared to an older body.

How to Deal with Jet Lags?

As the old proverb goes – “Prevention is always better than cure”, the same may be applied in cases of jet lags. Here are some tips and tricks you may keep in mind to reduce the effects of jet lags.

  • Say no to Caffeinated products and Alcohol

Yes, a heavy dose of caffeine or consumption of alcohol before the flight may lead to unwanted consequences. These products will increase the effects of the already severe jet lag that you will be having at the end of your journey. Therefore, control the caffeine aficionado in you and not consume any of these products before travelling.

  • Plan Your Movements Accordingly

One of the best ways to deal with jet lags is to start convincing your brain beforehand. Sounds a little psychotic but it is as simple as planning your movements patterns as per your schedule. When you become conscious of the fact that there is a going to be a disruptive flight at odd timings, your brain starts the coping-up mechanism even before the lag happens. This is in turn, to reduce the effects of the lag.


  • Utilize Flight Time to Sleep 

It is not easy to sleep when on a flight but it is nevertheless worth a try. Closing your eyes even for a few minutes might help you to avoid symptoms of jet lag. When on a long flight, try to listen to some soothing music, it would help you to sleep and forget about the turbulence taking place nearby. Also, it is recommended to carry a neck pillow so that you don’t end up dozing and hurting your back or neck.

  • Breathe some fresh air

It is always advised for people who suffer from jet lags to keep all the curtains of their room open as soon as they reach their hotel room. A breath of fresh air is the solution for every problem out there. If it is daytime, the rays of the sun will provide you with the requisite energy to keep you going throughout the day. If you reach after dusk, the natural air coming through the windows would also help.

  • Exercising helps

As tough as it might sound, exercising and taking long breaths is succession after reaching your hotel will help you to reduce the symptoms of jet lag. Exercising does not mean a proper one hour schedule. Even some minutes of yoga or laid-back exercising options will be of great help. You can also go for a short walk which will help you to stretch your body and release the stress of a long flight.

jetlag during travel

  • Do not take naps

Yes, naps are calm and help you to regain energy for work but after travelling by a flight for long hours, it is suggested not to take short naps as it would leave you lethargic. Avoid taking naps and go for a walk instead. As mentioned earlier, this is the simplest method of refuelling your lost vigour enhancing your day’s productivity. Happy walking!

  • Did I not say water?

Water, as is well known is the master of curing things. You can never feel ill if you keep on consuming lots of water. If you are on a flight or just completed a long journey through a flight due to which you might be displaying symptoms of jet lag, try drinking water or fruit juices as much as possible. It will keep you fresh and help you beat the consequences of jet lag.

  • Eat healthy

Yes, you would be in a new place wanting to taste some local delicacies but give your digestive system a rest. After reaching your destination, avoid junk food or overeating at least for a day. Due to the jet lag, your whole body would be facing difficulties in coming up with the new atmosphere. Consuming unhealthy food might upset your stomach as well as your mood for the entire trip. Hence, eat healthy and stay happy.

Jet lag is a common phenomenon. Anyone can suffer from its consequences. To avoid spoiling your trip, follow the above-mentioned tips. You are travelling to the United States of America, a new place to enjoy and not to fall back on your bed as someone ill.

Yes, the flight from the US to India is one long journey and many people would face the problem of body ache, digestion problems, lack of sleep and so on. But the methods to cure yourself lies in your hands. It is you who should understand how to take care of yourself. Booking a flight with wider leg space and good food can also help you avoid jet lag. Also, selecting a seat of your choice might be of great help. These are all suggestions for keeping you sane and healthy throughout your journey. Pick up what seems best to you and have a wonderful trip.


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