Cost for One-Way Trip Flight Tickets to India

The stunning country India offers a panoramic view and an amalgamation of a diverse cultural environment. India offers an exotic experience to all the travelers springing from its picturesque sceneries, colorful and vibrant festivals, and mouthwatering cuisine. Not to mention the Ayurveda and yoga in India, which act as a magnet to attract the health conscious people. No doubt, it is the most sought out travel destination. Here, the post will describe you about the cost of the one-way trip flight ticket to India and the factors on which the cost varies for booking one-way flight tickets.

What are the various flights to India?

Numerous airlines are offering facilities to fly to India such as IndiGo, AirAsia, JetKonnect, Jet Airways, Air India Express, Vistara, Air India, Star Equatorial Airlines, SpiceJet, Uzbekistan Airways, Go Air, Air Costa, and Alliance Air. There are numerous other options also Thai Airways, Emirates, Royal Nepal Airlines, Malindo Air, Etihad Airways, Kuwait Airways, Gulf Air, Sri Lankan Airlines, Fly Dubai, Druk Air, Mihin Lanka, Saudia, Scoot, Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines, and Oman Air.

What will be the Cost for One-Way Trip Flight Tickets to India?

There are numerous factors on which the cost for one-way trip flight tickets to India depends, such as:

The distance of the flight:

The ground rule is that the farther the distance is, the more the air ticket cost. However, there are numerous other factors on which the price of air tickets depends.

Tough competition between airlines:

The more the airlines, the better it is for passengers. The cutthroat competition leads to the lowering of the price of the one-way trip flight tickets. Many airlines also offer the best deals for attracting the customers. Generally, domestic flights such AirAsia, GoAir, IndiGo offers the best bargains, even some international airlines such as Air Arabia in the UAE, Virgin America, EasyJet in the UK and JetBlue also offer low prices.

Time of buying the air ticket:

The time of actually purchasing the ticket matters, say if the ticket is bought within seven days of the departure, as in case of the business travelers, the air ticket to India will prove to be expensive on the grounds of hefty premiums. Usually, air tickets are more expensive on Sundays and flights to India for Christmas holidays in comparison to the other weekdays. It is seen the prices of the air ticket to India are quite high during festival seasons such as Diwali.

Flight timings:

The timings of the flight matters. Night flights to India are a bit cheaper.

First class or Business class or Economy class:

The prices of the air tickets also depend upon the class chosen by the passenger. Usually 1st class offers the most comfortable seat and it is the most expensive one, followed by the business class.

When is the best time to get the air tickets to India during Festivals?

During the months of Diwali, summer vacations and winter vacation, the prices of the air tickets go high. In case the person is not in a hurry, these months can be avoided. The ground rule is that cheaper flights to India can be fetched during monsoon season, say between April to the end of July when the weather is wet and moist. The travelers, who are looking for the sunny weather in India, usually avoid these months.Moreover, winter seasons in many cities of India can prove to be a cheaper option except the hilly regions offering the panoramic snowfall such as Simla, Mussorie and Kashmir.

Advance Booking to Grab Flight Deals to India

It is better to secure the flight tickets 3-4 months in advance for getting the best deals. India is undoubtedly a country worth admiring based on its linguistic and cultural diversity and captivating beauty. A trip to India can help in creating some of the fond memories which can be cherished forever. Planning for the one-way air tickets in advance can help in saving a lot of bucks, making it an exhilarating trip.


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