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Since Independence, India, despite all the political hullabaloo that we see every day, has come taken some major strides in the name of development. India’s economy is one of the most notable economies in the world and the way we’re moving, we’re not far from making the dent in the world that we were destined to. We are no more in the era where all we talked about was agriculture. We’ve set up some of the most flourishing cities in the world, which is not short of anything if compared to major cities in the world. One of the many feathers on the cap of India’s economy is the city we know as Bangalore.

Today, Bangalore is one of the most important technology hubs in India visited by humongous tourists. On your visit to Bangalore, you can find a large part of the international information technology industry depends on the youngsters that reside in Bangalore. It is one of the largest tech outsourcing hubs that the world ever saw. But is Bangalore all tech and jobs. A loud NO! Bangalore is fun, Bangalore is sexy and Bangalore breathes life, night and day, we tell you.

Guide to Shopping Places in Bangalore

In this article, which we had been longing to share with you, we give unto you a complete guide to the best shopping places in Bangalore for international travelers. And in this journey of ours, while you hold our hands tight, we’ll take you everywhere, to Malls and streets, and to the most luxurious places in the city. So hang on!

Read about the 7 best shopping destinations of India and why shopaholics cannot get enough of them.

The VR Mall 

 An establishment owned and controlled by the Virtuous Design Developers, the VR Mall is one of the newest and the hottest in the town. Among the city dwellers, the mall is also often thought of like the Virtual Reality Mall for the architecture of the mall resembles that of a typical VR gismo, owing to its black theme and shape of the front end of the mall. The Mall is house to some of the most luxury brands and is one of its kind – in that, it distinguishes itself from the other malls because besides being house to some of the best outlets, it also has a luxury hotel called The Waverly where you can stay. Some of the biggest brands which are house to are H&M, Adidas, G-Shock, Marks and Spencer, and Muji. Besides, you may drool over sumptuous recipes at Café Noir, McD, Mist and Creams, Keventers, Dominos and so on.

Forum Mall 

 Situated in Koramangala, this Mall has served the city dwellers for a very long time. It is one of the most famous malls in the city of Bangalore and used to be house to one of the biggest PVRs in all of India, with a large number of screens where Hollywood, Bollywood and a number of Kannada movies are screened. Besides, it is the favorite spots for young couples to spend their evenings and is house to some major brands. If you ever happen to visit the Forum Mall, do not forget to visit the Kalmane Koffees whose special coffee dwells in the heart of many.

Malleshwaram Market

Bangalore is not just about youthful energy and style. It also reeks of a rich culture that the place enshrines. When we talk about going shopping in a city like Bangalore, the first thing that comes to our minds are huge malls boasting brands that you can only dream to afford, places with that ultra-urban touch. But how often do we find ourselves immersed in the products of nature? Yes, we’re talking about fresh, blooming flowers and as we know, flowers have a lot of importance in the Indian culture especially in South India where the women love to wear flowers in their hairs. These flowers are also used extensively in puja ceremonies. If you want the freshest and the best of flowers in the city of Bangalore, Malleshwaram market is where you come to. This market has established an identity of its own and has entire rows of flower sellers where you can buy as much as you want and whatever you want, be it the evergreen female favorite mogra or the much-loved marigold – the Malleshwaram market never disappoints. Besides flowers, the market is also known for spices and certain other things.

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Commercial Street 

 Isn’t the very name of this place self-explanatory. It’s one of the shopping places in Bangalore visited by a huge number of foreign tourists as well in India. If you ever happened to visit Delhi, you can assume that the Commercial street is much akin to the Chandni Chowk market of Delhi. This shopping space in Bangalore witnesses huge crowds from across the world, and even foreigners looking to purchase elegant items. Here you can grab jewelry, clothes and also much on some of the best and the most hygienic street food that you’ll find in the city. The commercial street also happens to the favorite spot for many to spend their evenings and is often bustling with people. So if you go there, you can expect a crowd but it never lets you down. Remember that the prices are not always at their best, so you must make an attempt to bargain with the vendors here.

Avenue Road 

 Enough with clothes and jewelry. How about some wisdom? Where to find other than the books! Avenue Road is your go-to in the city of Bangalore if you like to call yourself a ‘voracious reader’. Many foreign tourists in Bangalore visit Avenue Road to buy books on cheap rates to engage their free time. Several vendors sell books here piled up on the street and books from all genres. Besides novels and classics, you can also find children’s books and preparation material. If you love antiquity, make sure you keep an eye because you may occasionally bump into a rare book you may never find elsewhere because the beauty of this place lies in the fact that the vendors here deal not only in new books but also have a huge collection of old books which you can take home at very reasonable prices.

SP Road

 When we started off with this write-up, the first thing that we talked about was technology and how Bangalore plays a major role in the international IT industry. What is the first thing that comes into your mind when we talk about information technology and computers? That’s right – electronics. And in Bangalore, the place that is synonymous to technology, especially computers is the famous SP Road. If you are a tech buff or a gaming addict, you need to visit this place, even if you didn’t visit Bangalore with this mindset in the first place. Let us tell you why. SP Road used to be one of the biggest markets to buy electronics from in the entire Asian continent at one point in time. The IT experts from the entire town come to SP Road to get their computers (PCs) assembled and stay assured that if you’re talking about assembled computers, you are going to get prices which are so competitive that you may not be able to find elsewhere in the entire country. The reason is that many electronic gadgets first come to the SP Road market from where they are sent off to other places, such as Delhi and Mumbai. The electronic hub that the SP Road is has been constantly one of the reasons why Bangalore succeeded to become of the biggest IT hubs not only in the country but across the world. It is this market that constantly fed the IT requirements of the entire city at one point in time. If you like to call yourself a tech freak, you know where you are headed.

The UB City

 Ever heard of the Mallyas? The guys who ran the renowned Kingfisher airlines and the beer that you love? The UB city is the heritage that they created and the entire city knows it as the ultimate go to if you have a deep pocket. The UB city is house to some of the most luxurious brands of India and shopping here really means something. The architecture of this place is extremely youthful and happening. Even if you don’t want to shop here or your budget does not allow the same, you must make it a point to visit it and it is certainly one of the most elite places in the city where you can go.

This list compiles the seven best cheap shopping places in Bangalore, especially for international travelers. All you got to do is head out, experiment and entertain yourselves with your loved ones.

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