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It is not an unknown fact that flying with kids is one of the most difficult tasks. It becomes a source of annoyance not only for the fellow passengers but also for the parents. Kids have the tendency of misbehaving or displaying irritable behaviour anywhere creating chaos for all those who are present nearby. Even parents have agreed that this has led to an increase in stress in their lives.

Flying in itself is not a wonderful experience for many. Compact spaces, the extra price for extra leg space only adds up to the existing issues. The first and foremost thing you need to do while booking a flight is to take a deep breath and relax as you never know you might have to meet some kid in the flight. Being a parent of a kid also requires you to stay calm and engage your kids in some activity which sounds interesting to them. This way you would be able to take out some time for yourself and think of ways of handling your kid.


Some of the methods through which you can survive that long flight journey with kid(s) are mentioned below:

  • Prepare for the journey in advance

If you are a parent going to fly with your kids, make sure to plan the journey well in advance to avoid last minute stress. Children remain happy with a variety of food items, books, toys and various other related things. Try packing these things in a handbag which would be easily accessible to you while flying. For others, it is advised to book seats in advance and inquire whether the fellow passenger is a parent travelling with his kid so that you have the option of changing your seat before actually boarding the flight.

  • Seats

If you are a parent, you would want a seat next to your kid especially if he is of a very young age. That way you would be able to control his activities, feed him on time and take care that he does no go on to create problems for the fellow passengers. Hence, it is advised to book tickets in advance so that seating arrangement is according to your wish. Also if you are travelling with a baby, it is advised to select seats with extra leg space so that both you and baby remain comfortable.

Plus, it is not considered a great habit to keep walking down the aisle in a flight with your baby or kid frequently as that would disturb the other passengers.

Kids with toys

  • If nothing works

Doctors say that kids below the age of 3 years have a normal tendency to react poorly to situations of high stress such as a long flight. They might start crying or howling and you as a parent or a fellow passenger cannot control it. It is advisable to know facts like these so that you come fully prepared for a flight. You should carry earphones or books to keep you distracted if you happen to find a kid beside you. Carry a comfortable neck pillow for your journey too. As a parent, keep things like clean cloth, food, comfy slippers handy so that you are able to manage your child properly.

  • Breastfeeding

It should be known to everyone that breastfeeding in public is the right of every mother. No one should feel ashamed or embarrassed feeding their baby even in a public place. Doctors recommend that it is better to breastfeed the child even while flying as it calms the child and makes the journey peaceful for both the parent and the other passengers. Also, keep in mind to wear loose clothes to remain relaxed all the time.

  • If not your kid

Sometimes, it might so happen that even your fellow passenger is a parent travelling with his/her kids. As a parent, you are advised to carry children books, several items of packed food items, colouring books and so on. Share some with the kid seated next to you so that he befriends your kid. This way, both you and your fellow passengers will be relieved. When you are flying alone, carry some candies or gummy bears to help the lady seated next to you keep her child happy (if the situation demands so).

  • Say no to home rules

Remember, you are not at your home where everything is under your control. You could stop your kids from playing video games for long hours or from eating too many candies you bought yesterday. But when you are on a flight, travelling with a huge bunch of people, it is always suggested to allow your kids to do whatever they wish. That does not involve troubling the fellow passengers, of course. But if that extra candy or that new game on your iPad is keeping your child silent and involved, try not to interrupt them and get some sleep.

  • Be respectful to everyone while travelling

For people who get a seat beside a kid, it is recommended to respect the parent. He/she might already be facing troubles because of the kid’s activity and your unpleasant remarks or disgusting looks might make the situation even worse. If you do not wish to help the kid or the parent in any manner whatsoever then just be a good fellow passenger and plug in your noise cancellation earphones.

On the other hand, even parents travelling with their kids should ensure that their fellow passengers do not face much ruckus. Try to keep yourself sane first and then handle your kids with patience. It might not be easy but it is not impossible as well.


In a nutshell, the basic rule should be kept in mind while you are flying whether with a kid or not. That rule implies treating everyone around you in the same manner as you would want to be treated. You cannot expect a friendly behavior from your fellow passenger when you yourself misbehaved with the person two minutes earlier.

Yes, it is not an easy task to remain calm and composed when you did not get your desired seat or enough leg space or on a flight which will be taking hours to reach its destination. In such situations, anyone can get irritated. But as a human being, you will have to adjust with the needs of other people too.

You cannot complain of a kid sitting next to you when her mother is trying her best to keep the kid silent. Or, as a mother you cannot expect your fellow passenger to move every time from his aisle seat because you feel that taking a walk frequently would make your kid cheerful. It was your duty to check your tickets prior to boarding the flight and arrange seats in a manner so as not to create woe for others while on a flight.

Hence, travelling can always be fun even when it is with your kids. It is just the simple steps mentioned above which are to be kept before flying to help you survive the journey. You are an adult capable of making the right decisions. Research and plan and thus, have a good flight.

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