Traveling to India with Babies in Flight

Do you love your grandchildren?  Are they your playmates, best friends, and story buddies? Do you tell them stories of great marvels around the world? Well, it is time to show your grandchildren all those destinations you have been promising to take them. It is your bonding time with them which they might remember till eternity.  If India was ever part of those bedtime stories you have been telling them, you must take them to India to let them know that this country is all and more in reality than the stories.

It is very common for grandparents to take their grandkids on a trip with them. While it is highly appreciated, besides visa and passport, some additional documentation is required for travelling to India with grandchildren. It is a precaution against vicious activities like child- abduction in general. Hence, it is inevitable to prove that the child is related to you and you have secured permission from their parents or legal guardians if you are taking an alone trip with your grandkids without their parents.

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The following are the requirements you need to meet before travelling with grandchildren to India:

Consent Letter or NOC:  (Please see the format of the Consent Letter below the article for your reference)

A consent letter from the parents is inevitable when you travel with your grandchildren to India. It is to prove that parents of the children are aware of the travel. It is also to show that the parents entrust you with the custody of the children and that you are accountable and responsible for them. The letter also should state that you have the capacity to take care of the child’s needs physically and financially.

It is also important to include the intended whereabouts of the children during the travel, such as the purpose of the travel, the duration of the travel, etc. when you are traveling with grandchildren to India

Documents to Prove the Authenticity of the NOC

Copies of Bio- Pages of the Parent’s Passports: It is to make sure of the identities of the parents including the names, citizenship, country of residence, surnames, etc. match with that of the consent letter.  Also, the airport officials will cross verify the authenticity of the signatures of the parents in the consent letter and that of the passport. It is to ensure that the non-objection certificate was not forged and that the parents are officially aware of their child’s journey. Hence it is strictly mandatory to have this document with you considering the legal reasoning behind it when you are traveling with grandchildren to India.

Death Certificate: In case the child’s parents are not alive anymore, a copy of the death certificate needs to be carried with you. It is to verify the legal validity of your claim and further authority.

Adoption Papers or Custody Orders:  If the child is under the legal custody of any other people than the parents or grandparents, like the godparents, external organizations, etc., an authorization letter from the respective people who are the legal guardians of the child is mandatory while traveling with grandchildren to India. Adoption papers, custody orders, etc. are some of the documents you can present to the immigration authorities under such circumstances.

Birth Certificate: Sometimes, if the family names or the surnames of the kids do not match with their parents’ surnames, who have signed the NOC, you need to show the birth certificate of the child to support the claim.

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Requirements of Your Country

If your country of residence requires additional legal formalities to be satisfied, in order to take a minor along with you, you will have to fulfill those criteria as well before traveling with grandchildren to India.

Medical Documentation Requirements

If the minor traveling with you is suffering from a medical condition, ensure that you have valid travel, health insurance with medical coverage. Also, produce the documents of the medical condition in case necessary.

Please do not leave your kid unattended

Sometimes, managing kids without their parents could be a little tricky. However, it is not advisable to leave them unattended at airports, aircraft or even at the immigration.  Besides, you have to make sure that they go through all the legal procedures of immigration before entering India while traveling with grandchildren

If you have taken care of the above-stated documentation requirement before your journey as part of the travel arrangements, you can enjoy the beautiful sights, enthralling traditional and extravagant cultural experiences and diverse biodiversity in India with your beloved grandchildren.

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