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Flights from USA to India: A Growing Economic Opportunity

The USA is the land of opportunity, people from all over the world travel to the United States to settle down. The opportunity available in the United States is parallel to none. The country offers some of the highest standards of living that are very hard to replicate in other countries. Indians are considered one of the largest migrant communities in the world. There are two million Indians currently settled in the United States. Many Indians dream of going to the United States in the hope of making big in their life. 

Many Indians who have traveled to the United States have become great entrepreneurs, technocrats, CEO’s and so on. The Indian influence is felt at every level of US society. The huge Indian diaspora prompted the need for creating better connectivity between the two countries. Many international airlines offer direct flights between the two countries. Not just international airlines but many homegrown airlines that operate international flights have also started offering cheap flight tickets for customers traveling between the two countries. 

How does Online agency offer cheap prices and why is the USA to India route expensive?

Online travel agencies do provide unpublished fares to customers that are usually cheaper than what is offered to their web portal. It is considered one of the best ways to book cheap international flights and cheap domestic flights. Cheap flight booking is possible on highly competitive routes, at present the flight operates enjoy very less of it. The civil aviation industry has taken note of this development and has started looking for opportunities to exploit the same. Entering new competition can certainly help in reducing the one way plane tickets and cheap round trip flights rate. 

John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK )

JFK is one of the busiest airports in the United States. The airport is a part of a three airport chain that assists the people of New York to travel to both domestic as well as international locations. JFK has been a popular airport for people who are looking to travel to India. The availability of large numbers of flights to almost all major cities of India makes it a clear favorite among the Indian diaspora who is looking to travel back to India for spending quality time with loved ones. Some of the most sort after travel destinations between JFK to Indian destinations are as follows:

jfk to Delhi

jfk to bom

jfk to maa

jfk to blr

jfk to ccu

jfk to amd

jfk to hyd

jfk to cok

jfk to ccj

jfk to trv 

jfk to atq

The best Technique to buy low cost flight tickets

Buying tickets at the best price has always remained a need among people across all cross sections of the society. Some of the simplest ways to buy a ticket at the right price include things like;

Buy tickets during off-seasons – Off seasons are the best time to buy tickets, this will help you travel to places at the cheapest price possible. Reschedule your priorities, this will make the entire travel experience awesome. The chances are that you will travel in an airline that is sparsely populated. Giving enough personal space to enjoy and cherish.

Lookout for unpublished fares – Unpublished fares are fares that are not available online. The only way to get hold of the same is to call the agents who deal with the same. Unpublished fares allow customers to look into the best possible ways of buying tickets at negotiable rates. Even small savings in flight tickets will add up into a large saving in case of a family. 

Low Cost Airlines are the way to go – Low cost airlines are the best way to move forward. Regular airlines usually offer a lot of creature comfort that is unnecessary for an average flight. Low cost airlines provide adequate facilities for people who are looking to travel international flights. Most low cost airlines provide optional features as adorns in case the customer wants to purchase the same. 

Look out for stopover and layover flights – Flights with more than one layover and stopovers can certainly help in reducing the cost of travel. Layovers and stopover flights take a longer time to reach the desired destination but such flights are cheaper than the average flight that has no stopovers or layovers. Direct flights between the two destinations are considered one of the most expensive alternatives of the lot. 

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Layover locations

While traveling from the USA to India, Europe is the best layover vacation spot that you can find. Layovers usually last for more than 24 hours or so, if planned properly these layovers can be used in the best way possible. Here are some of the best places to try layover in Europe. 

Croatia (Zagreb)

flights from usa to india


Croatia is one of the most underrated countries in the world. The capital of Croatia Zagreb is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The city is a mixture of Gothic architecture and modern wonders, the stone paved roads and medieval churches, palaces, and buildings. Walking through these streets will transport you to the medieval days. Zagreb is considered the youngest capital in Europe with a population of one million. The city is also considered one of the safest in the world, making travel an easy and exciting endeavor. Croatia ranks in the top of the list of European family vacations destinations.

France (Paris)

Paris is the capital of France, the largest Francophone nation in the world. Paris is leading the world in areas of luxury, fashion, food, and beverages. Paris has a large number of old monuments that give a glimpse of the proud past of the city. The Palace of Versailles is one of the most beautiful monuments in France, that is a must see if you are in Paris. Arc de Triomphe, The Louvre Museum is one of the most visited places in Paris. If you are in Paris and have an opportunity to visit these places, just do it!. Eiffel Tower, the iconic monument that defines Paris is a must visit place. Millions travel to Paris to get a glimpse of the same. A long layover can certainly help you get the best out of Paris, France. Paris ranks top in the list of the best  European tours for families destination list.

Germany (Frankfurt)

flights from usa to india

Frankfurt is one of the busiest transit locations in Europe. Frankfurt is one of the most favorite locations for Indians traveling from the USA to India. Frankfurt is a beautiful city that retains old world charm with the latest infrastructure trends. The city has the best of both worlds. German cities are world renowned for their superior infrastructure, cleanliness, most importantly safety and security, Frankfurt is no exception. Indians love Frankfurt for its tourist friendly infrastructure, kind and helpful people. Indians buy a lot of sweets and other things found unique in Germany to gift the same to their friends and family in India. Frankfurt is the first city that comes to mind for people looking for European family vacations.

Scotland (Glasgow)

Glasgow, the capital of Scotland, has been attracting a lot of people. Glasgow Airport is the main airport that serves the people of the city. Scotland is now gradually evolving into a transit location for travelers looking to travel to India from the US and vice versa. Scotland is blessed with natural beauty, Glasgow is no exception. The city is world renowned for its beautiful medieval infrastructure, modern amenities, and clean environment. There are a lot of activities that can keep you engaged for days. Scotland being part of the United Kingdom has a special place in the minds of Indians. Furthermore, every minute spent in Scotland is a time well spent! It refreshes your mind and body. Scotland is the emerging star among the best European tours for families destinations.

Italy (Rome)

flights from usa to india

Rome is the capital of Italy, the city with more than 1000 years of history. Rome has some of the largest numbers of ancient monuments of any other city in the world. Rome is home to another interesting anomaly, the city has a country inside its geography, the Vatican City. Some of the must see places in Rome includes places like Colosseum, St. Peter’s Basilica, Pantheon and so on. The old medieval charm of the city can bring positive energy to tourists who visit the same. The food available in Rome is great as well. They offer some of the freshest produce available in the country. European family vacations list is not complete with out the mention of Rome in it. 

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For people who are looking to travel to multiple countries to enjoy the beauty of Europe, look out for a layover of at least 48 hours. Some Indians look at this as an opportunity to travel to multiple countries. Traveling to multiple countries in itself is a fun endeavor. Experiencing different cultures, different food, language all these contribute to a refreshing experience. An experience that reduces stress level and boosts morale. Layover European tours for families have become the new trend among Indian travelers looking to travel back home. 


Traveling helps people reconnect with oneself. Traveling helps people reduce stress and pressure. Most immigrants travel to India from the USA and vise versa do the same to reconnect with loved ones. These are inevitable trips that are taken by people to be close with their loved ones and enjoy quality time with the same. Traveling gives people the means to experience life at its finest.


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