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India is an exotic land of diverse culture, unique experiences, and biodiversity for the tourists around the world. The richness in biodiversity is spread across the 28 states and varies with the landscape, climate, topography, and vegetation of each region. Hence it is no surprise that India has the best eco-tourism destinations in the world.

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The HimalayasHimalaya-India

The Himalayas offers the ultimate definition of eco-tourism. Although the majestic mountain ranges extend also through Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, and China, India has perfect destinations to explore the charismatic beauty of the Himalayas. In India, the glorious Himalaya is spread across the northeastern part of the country.  The Himalayan region experiences different ranges of climates due to the topographical variations. There are beautiful rivers and hundreds of lakes and waterfalls originating from the Himalayas making it one of the best eco-tourism destinations in India. Also, the region has the third largest accumulation of icebergs, glaciers, and snow in the world, after Antarctica and the Arctic. 


Ladakh is an amazing eco-tourist destination in India characterized by Himalayan mountain ranges, ravishing passes, lush of greeneries, lakes, sand dunes, and enchanting villages. It is situated in Jammu and Kashmir, the northern state of India. Besides natural scenic destinations, you can also visit the famous Leh Palace, holy Gurudwara, monasteries or enjoy camel safaris.

Kasol, located in Himachal Pradesh is an ultimate escape from boring daily routines. The cloud covered mountain valleys, non-commercialized streets, gurgling rivers, and simplicities of the villagers make the visit to Kasol memorable.

Thirthan Village which is located in Himachal Pradesh is a delightful hill town which provides entry to the ‘Great Himalayan National Park’.  Being here is an experience that cannot be replaced. The ogling mountain peaks between the trees, snow-white clouds, luscious fruit orchards, natural flower gardens, and lakes, indeed make it an Indian Hobbiton.  

Other than these incredible sites, you can also visit Manali, Andretta, Malana, Shimla, Spiti, Borong, Tungnath, Rohtang Pass, Dharmashala, etc which are also pulchritudinous Himalayan destinations.

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Sundarban, West Bengal


Sundarban is popular for preserving wildlife and vegetation. Situated in West Bengal, it has the world’s largest delta formed from the convergence of 54 bewitching deltaic islands. Also, the Sundarban National Park is home to the world’s largest mangrove forest.  The endangered Bengal Tiger species is protected here. Besides the tigers, other rare species of animals such as turtles, dolphins, whales, crocodiles, birds etc are also saved from extinction. This place is heaven for eco-tourists because of its alluring scenic beauty as well as the abundance in endemic wildlife which is well protected.  This is one of the most visited eco-tourist destinations in India.

Wayanad, Kerala

Wayanad Kerala-India


Wayanad is situated in Kerala, the southernmost state of India. Nestled in the majestic Western Ghats, it is the land of elfin green lushes, deep canopied forests, plantations, mysterious caves, and exotic wildlife. Wayanad has a great history and mesmerizing scenic viewpoints.  The hills of Wayanad extend to Bandhipur forests in Karnataka and Mudumalai in Tamil Nadu (two other Indian states) making it a fascinating large eco-habitat for diverse flora and fauna. The places like the Manathavady, Lakkidi, Vythiri, etc in Wayanad are of historical importance and they tell the tales of battles fought between Pazhazhi Raja (The earlier monarch) and the British.  The Wayanad Wildlife sanctuary is a major eco-tourist attraction, which preserves biodiversity. The Edakkal cave provides a magnificent experience as you can feel the rich ambiance derived from strong cultural heritage here. Pookote Lake, Soochippara waterfalls, Kuruva Island, and Karappuzha dam, the Jain temple, Thrirunelly temple etc are some of the other captivating tourist destinations nearby.

Once you are in Wayanad, the place offers mild and wild trekking opportunities you should definitely explore. The entrancing combination of history, geography, flora, and fauna make Wayanad the best eco-tourism destination in India.

Andaman Nicobar Islands

Andaman Nicobar Island

Looking for a holiday destination surrounded by alluring blue sky, shallow water, and enchanting beaches? Want to dive through the Indian Ocean and see exquisite coral reefs? Does wildlife excite you? Is cultural heritage is a necessity for your dream vacay spot? Well, Andaman is one the best eco-tourism destinations in India where you can experience all these. Andaman comprises of a cluster of 325 small islands in the Bay of Bengal with Myanmar across the sea.  The natives of the island include indigenous tribes, Indians, and people with British and Japanese ancestry followed from the invasions in the past. The island has a tropical climate with chilly breezes. Andaman is home to different varieties of resplendent fauna and flora. It includes mangrove forests, orchids, lilies, epiphytes, ferns, and other 650 unique plant species. The wildlife in Andaman including spotted- deer, banded pigs, serpent eagles, and saltwater crocodiles are nearly endemic.  In the Havelock Island, there are elephant and crocodile sanctuaries along with beautiful coral reefs. This place is called is the heaven of India as it is rich in scenic beauty, culture, and biodiversity. Hence it definitely is the best eco-destination in India. A dip in the Indian Ocean, beautiful sunsets at the beaches, forest trucking, island hopping, scuba diving, and snorkeling etc. can make your visit enriched. Gandhi Park, Havelock, Neil, Portblair, Sippighat Farm etc. are some of the must-visit places in Andaman.

Coorg, Karnataka

coorg karnataka

Situated in the district of Karnataka on the spur of Western Ghats Coorg is an amazing eco-destination to visit in India. It has the most comfortable climate year- round in south India. There are beautiful rivers, lakes, and glorious waterfalls in Coorg. Hence, you can enjoy water sports like boating and rafting here at lower expenses.  Brahmagiri, Talakaveri, and Pushpagiri are the famous wildlife sanctuaries in Coorg where so many different species of plants and animals can be seen. The famous tourist activities in Coorg also include trekking, hiking, rock climbing, boating, and angling.

Thenmala, Kerala

Thenmala Kerala

Thenmala eco-tourism project by the government in South India has enhanced the facilities in Shendurney Wildlife Sanctuary Reservoir which has, in turn, increased the tourist attraction. Now, without a doubt, it is one of the best eco-tourism destinations in India. The sanctuary has tourist facilitation center, culture zone, leisure zone, and an adventure zone.


The tourist facilitation center is integrated with the culture zone. In the culture zone, now you can watch traditional Kerala art forms and performances at Thenmala amphitheater. Also, there is a butterfly park, to observe and study the beautiful butterflies while enjoying nature. There is an arc-shaped gallery where you can watch musical dance fountains. The ‘Nakshatra Vanam’ garden is interesting and it talks about the concept which associates 27 trees and birth stars. In the leisure zone, you can see the sculpture garden.  Besides, the fern garden, Sway Bridge and nature trails are some of the other attractions. You can go for soft trekking or short biking trips here. The adventure zone lets you enjoy rock climbing, mountain biking, valley crossing etc. If interested, you can also arrange trekking programs, camps, forest tours etc.

Besides the sanctuary, the Palaruvi waterfalls located near the Thenamaladam and the Kumbavurutty falls near to Achankovil are the two main beautiful waterfalls sited in the region. The weir dam, deer park, tree houses, Punalur hanging bridge, 13 arch bridges etc. are the other important tourist attractions in the area. By integrating natural beauty and government planning, this place has become the best eco-tourism destination in India.

It doesn’t matter if you are going to the north, south, east or west in India, the country is rich in natural beauty, resources, culture, and biodiversity wherever you go. There are hundreds of places to visit here. And these are some of the best eco-tourism destinations in India among them. Well, if you haven’t made up your mind already, now is a good time to plan your trip to India to experience an incredible expedition.



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