Key Points

  • Domestic flights might resume operation by June. 
  • International travel might take another 6 months to recover from current turbulence.
  • The government decisions will be a key factor in determining the direction and the speed of recovery.
  • Aviation sector will be able to recover from this crisis within a year or so from the setbacks caused by the COVID 19 pandemic.

Domestic Fligts might start flying again soon

Domestic flights can resume operations by June if COVID 19 can be contained with the extensive effort and cooperation of nations across the world. Domestic flight operations can start in Australia, North America and the Asian Pacific. The International flights meanwhile might take some time to recover from the effects of COVID 19. If everything goes well, international fights might resume operations as normal but it all depends on the various governments policies that they have in place. 


All the coordinated efforts by governments across the world have started showing positive signs in some countries or some specific geographies within a country. It is a matter of a couple of months that most of these efforts would help businesses across the world to start functioning normal. Aviation industry is no different to this trend. It is not quite sure when exactly will the government allow the free flow passengers at least in the domestic segments. It could either start in the beginning, middle or the end of the month. 

The countries who have fully recovered from the COVID 19 pandemic might start opening their borders up and start allowing international passengers to move in and out of the country. Initially it is believed that the international operations will commence between countries that have completely eradicated COVID 19 cases and as more and more countries come out of the COVID 19 crisis the international air connectivity will resume back to normal. The international aviation will resume back to normalcy towards September or October this year. This is what is predicted by the industry stalwarts with regards to domestic and international flights.    

Again everything depends on how the governments around the world can come into a consensus and how effective they are in responding to the pandemic crisis in their respective countries. The experts in the industry have claimed that there would be visible change in the way the government works in the next few weeks to come. These changes can give us a road map into the future and the speedy recovery process of the country and their economics that include the aviation sector. 

Effects of COVID 19 on Travel Industry


Countless International and domestic travel companies have struggled with the current crisis. Most of these travel companies have shortened their staff numbers that include job cutts and reduced the number of working hours and so on. For those retained staff members the salaries and other bonuses have been halved. These actions have negatively affected the business operations and the economy has a whole. The travel and tourism industry has been affected the most in this crisis, cost cutting measures are considered the best way to retain the industries indigraty. Maintaining a skeleton workforce will give these travel companies the capability and resources to grab opportunity when it comes to them after reopening the markets and the aviation sector to both domestic as well as international markets. 


COVID 19 is a pandemic that has affected almost all countries in the world. COVID 19 effects have resulted in the creating serious consequences on the economic and health infrastructure of most countries in the world. The most hit sector of the world economy is naturally to the travel industry. There are positive signs of recovery shown by many countries in the world. These signs are an inspiration for other countries to adopt similar strategies. Experts predict that the travel industry will start its recovery process within a few months from now and eventually everything will come to the state of normalcy at least by the end of this year.


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