Buying Flight Tickets to India during Summer

Summer season is always a good time to travel. The kids will be having their summer break and families would be searching for the best places to travel. If you are flying to India in the summer season be it for a tour or a visit to your relatives finding a good deal or offer on your flight to India will save you from many troubles. This article will help you to find Good Deals on Buying Flight Tickets to India during Summer.

While the prices surge too high, the availability of lowest flight tickets to india become an issue. Getting the desired flight with offers becomes like playing a lottery where we feel that it will be our luck only which will matter.

The key ingredient of a good holiday is the flight which takes you to the planned destination, if the flight planning is done well, the rest of the things fall into place on its own. Traveling is not that expensive, but the flight tickets are, especially when bookings are not made on time, leading to last-minute surges. At times, the departure tickets from India are not as expensive as the return tickets. While booking flight tickets for the round sector, we should balance both to and fro travels selecting various alternatives wisely. 

Tips to Find Good Deals on Buying Flight Tickets to India during Summer

Here are a few tricks which can help you save from the last minute flight price surge and help you plan your holidays most cost-effectively:

Plan your travel well in advance

You must plan your trip well ahead if you are a regular traveler in summers. Booking the flight tickets around 70-90 days in advance saves about 20-30% of your flight cost. There is no harm in planning well looking at the cost benefit. You can also get the flights blocked tentatively for the dates well in advance and get those booked when you are nearing the travel. E.g. If you are planning to travel in June, make sure your tickets are blocked in February or March, and you can book it later. A blocked flight ticket lasts for about 48-72 hours depending on the policy of the airline. In a way, you are not shelling out the money right at that moment, and you are creating sufficient window for yourself.

Try the budget airlines 

Low-cost carriers can save your travel costs by a significant percentage. Nowadays SpiceJet and Go Air have started flying in international sectors. Try newly launched airlines like them and see your costs dip down. These flights are very convenient carriers; the only difference I would say is the entertainment which they don’t provide and the meals which they don’t serve. While recreation can be managed entirely by you, you have an option of ordering meals by paying the price of it.

Pick up the right flight booking dates and time 

Flying during the early hours of the morning or late evening can be cheaper as compared to the regular business hours. Also, you can save quite a lot of bucks if you choose to fly on weekdays than weekends. India as a sector is busier on weekends, especially during the summer season. Also, if you can manage flying with 1 or 2 stopovers in between, you can land-up getting better deals with the fun of exploring new airports as well. You may consider this option, after all, you are going for holiday trip, being flexible should not be a hassle for cost-effective travel.

Staying aware and updated

Get signed up with good airlines and be mindful of the seasonal deals and discounts they offer. When the fare around the corner, airlines generally load your mailbox with offers. All you need to do is to sign up with them and keep checking for the latest updates.

Try the lowest airfare 

Make sure you check various websites like Taj Travel for ticket pricing and options before you book your flight tickets. There are many meta search engines for airfare which are convenient and will offer you the best prices by filtering options using your preferences.

Enroll in an Airline Privilege Program

Getting yourself enrolled in a special program by the airlines will help you collect miles from each travel you undergo, you can use these miles when you are planning for the next sector.

Always select round trip as an option 

Booking round-trip is still easier than booking sectors individually. If your plan is final, always choose round-trip flight options.

Compare sectors in India

When you are booking a flight to India, you may choose an area which is comparatively lesser priced than other cities. Instead, you can select different options for commuting to your destination cities once you land in a sector. Choosing your destination wisely can help you incur lesser travel price. E.g. Landing in metro cities may be expensive than a touch-down in a smaller town which is 250 – 300kms away from the destination. You can choose to travel by road or by rail from these locations.

Wisely choosing the payment options

Many of the online wallets and credit cards offer cash back and discounts on flight tickets. All you need to do is to plan your payment options wisely so that you can avail all the relevant offers on the flight tickets.

The excitement and buzz automatically sweep in when we think of planning a journey. There are two keys to great travel; the itinerary and budget of your entire trip. While planning travel, we must ensure that these two things are taken care of and is done wisely. You should also follow advertisements that announce good deals.

In a research, it was found that human brain treasures experience more than materialistic pleasures; what you experience during travel will be worth remembering when you walk down the memory lane someday. Keep the above points in your mind which helps to find good deals on buying Flight Tickets to India during Summer. one should aim to create more experiences than splurging on flight tickets.


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