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Europe Family Vacations on a Budget

Europe is the second smallest continent in the world but the events that happened across Europe have shifted the course of world history. The impacts of various events that happened in Europe had its repercussions felt across the world. The colonial powers of the past century directed how the world functions, now these powers have evolved into developed nations that enjoy some of the highest standards of living in the world. The legacy of these great western powers is felt in the monuments that were created during the period of European dominance. If you are looking for family vacation packages that offer quality time together with loved ones, European family vacations are the best way to go. Most cities in Europe have a very low crime rate hence best suited to enjoy with family members. Furthermore, the highly advanced infrastructure of these countries ensures a comfortable journey for you and your family members. Europe also attracts a large number of love birds, single travelers, and digital nomads to their shores. Some of the best cities to visit in Europe include places like:

  • Paris
  • Rome
  • Zagreb
  • Isle of Arran
  • Frankfurt
  • Vatican City


vacations on a budget

Paris is the largest city in France with a history dating back to more than 1000 years. Paris is naturally the largest francophone city in the world. Paris is known as “The city of light”, it was one of the first few cities in the world to get electricity, hence the nickname. Paris is also called the fashion capital of the world because a large number of well known fashion brands and boutique stores operate from the city. Some of the notable fashion brands operating in Paris include brands like Louis Vuitton, Hermès, GUCCI, Chanel, and so on. Paris is a complex blend of new and old age charm. The city has one of the highest concentrations of historical monuments of any other city in the world. Some of the must see places in France Include attractions like Eiffel Tower, The Louvre Museum, Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris, Arc de Triomphe, Champs-Élysées, Luxembourg Palace. To cover all these wonderful monuments it takes a lot of time and effort. Some of these monuments have entry passes (that usually involve large queues) making it difficult to plan your trip within Paris. Paris vacation packages will not only help you to resolve this problem but also make sure you get the best guide available, who could describe the importance, history and the stories behind the construction of these great monuments. European tours for families itineraries usually have Paris as the most sort after destination in Europe.


Rome is the capital of Italy, there is a popular saying that Rome was not built in a day, the saying implies that the beautiful city of Rome was built over thousands of years of hard work and perseverance. The first Christan empire had Rome as its capital, some of the greatest historical figures that changed the course of history were Roman Emperors, some of the notable figures include people like Constantine, Augustus, Julius Caesar and so on. Roman has many historic monuments that describe the glorious past of the great city. Roman architecture has remained an inspiration to people across the globe. Most of these monuments are considered a masterpiece even by today’s standards and the replication of the same is considered an impossible task with the advanced technology we possess today. Some of the famous monuments in Rome include buildings like Pantheon, Elephant and Obelisk, Arch of Titus, Colosseum ( The most famous of the lot), and so on. Travelers who are looking to travel to Rome, Italy can take the help of Italy vacation packages offered by various established travel agencies. These packages give travelers an opportunity to learn in depth about these monuments. Travel agent packages can ensure a hassle free experience for its consumers helping individuals to enjoy the trip to its fullest. Taj Travel can offer customized vacation packages that suit individual requirements. Taj Travel gives power to its customers to pick and choose the best family vacations on a budget. European tours for families usually have Rome in their travel itinerary.


vacations on a budget

Zagreb is the capital of Croatia, 18th and 19th century Austro-Hungarian architecture has made the city a timeless masterpiece. The city is home to about 0.8 million people making it the biggest city in Croatia. The city is considered one of the most underrated cities in the US. The city is bustling with activities and the travelers will find the people of Zagreb very welcoming and friendly. It is also one of the safest cities in Europe, making it an ideal place for families and couples. Zagreb welcomes its travelers with beautiful old churches (that show the best of Gothic Architecture), old buildings, palaces and public squares with stone paved roads. The stone paved streets along with the laid back lifestyle of the city is an ideal place for tourists who want to soak up the calm and serene atmosphere of Zagreb. Croatia travel packages give travelers an opportunity to understand the importance of each monument and the great history and legacy of these beautiful buildings. No travel is complete without tasting the local cuisine of the region. The food served in Croatia is delicious as well, seafood plays a major role in Croatian culture, make sure to try the same while in Zagreb.

Isle of Arran

Isle of Arran is an island located off the coast of Scotland, in the UK. It is the best opportunity for people who want to take a break from a busy lifestyle. The Isle of Arran is blessed by nature in abundance, green pastures, rocky mountains along with crystal clean beaches. These aspects give travelers a unique opportunity to experience nature to its fullest. Goatfell is the largest peak on the island making it a popular attraction among hikers. The island hosts a variety of sites that are a must see for people traveling to the Isle of Arran. Some of the must see locations in the Isle of Arran include places like Machrie Moor Stone Circles, King’s Cave, Skipness Castle and so on. The Isle is famous for its distillery, the Arran distillery is the only remaining distillery in the Isle giving visitors an opportunity to taste some of the finest Whiskeys available in the market. To enjoy the true essence of the tour it is wise to sign up for Scotland Vacation Packages that are customized to your requirements. Being part of an organization that has experience in arranging tours can help travelers to experience the Isle to its minuscule details. Isle of Arran is one of the most sort after locations among European tours for families.



Frankfurt is one of the most important cities in Europe, it is home to some of the most important institutions in the world like the European Central Bank, Frankfurt Stock Exchange, Deutsche Bundesbank, and several large commercial banks. The Frankfurt Stock Exchange is one of the largest stock exchanges in the world in terms of market capitalization. Frankfurt is one of those cities that has a huge history. The city is home to several monuments that describe the proud past of the city. It is a city that has the best of both worlds. Modernity on one hand and a large number of beautiful old monuments on the other. Some of the must see attractions in Frankfurt include places like Römer (600 year old city hall of Frankfurt), Goethe House, Frankfurt Cathedral, Römerberg and so on. The city is also famous for its delicious food. Some must try dishes in Frankfurt include things like Frankfurter Rippchen (a cured and slow cooked pork cutlet served alongside mash potato), Frankfurter Würstchen ( Frankfurt Sausage). Germany vacation packages can help tourists who can not understand (read or write) German a better chance of experiencing Frankfurt to its fullest. Germany is one of the most sort after destination for European family vacations.

Vatican City

The Vatican is the smallest country in the world. The Palace of the Vatican hosts one of the most important person in the world, The Pope. The Pope is the head of the Roman Catholic Church, it has followers spread across the world. The Vatican has about 800 residents making it the least populated country in the world. Some of the must see attractions in the Vatican include places like Saint Peter’s Square, The Last Judgement (The famous Renaissance painting by Michelangelo), Vatican Gallery of Maps and so on. There are large queues to enter the various attractions in the Vatican and having an established tour operator by your side can get you into all these attractions by bypassing the queue. Europe travel packages offered by Taj Travel can help you see all the important attractions in the Vatican along with other places of significance throughout Europe, the perfect recipe to develop the best family vacations on a budget. No
European family vacations is complete without a visit to the Vatican City. 


Europe is a small continent with a rich history spanning thousands of years. Europe was the center of the world during the last decade. Imperialism made Europe one of the richest continents in the world. The reminiscences of the past can be seen in their old buildings, castles, churches, stone paved streets. Europe trip packages give travelers an opportunity to experience the culture and heritage of Europe to its fullest. Taj Travel offers tailor made vacation packages that suit each individual requirement, the outcome of which can be attributed to the best family vacations on a budget.


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