Planning to book your tickets to India and concerned about the American restaurants in India? No worries! You are at the right place to get detailed information on food served in the US restaurants in India. There is nothing exotic about a restaurant unless the menu of that restaurant really reflects the essence of the country it is serving the dish off.

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So, when people wish to get the flavor of America in India, they should be able to go to the restaurants where the dishes and delicacies remind them of America and the ambiance of the restaurant supports that thought. Here, we will be discussing some of the American restaurants of various parts of our country which are best in these aforementioned qualities, according to the regular diners.

Chili’s Grill & Bar of Delhi

chillis american restaurant delhi

When we are talking about some of the best restaurants in the country, we cannot miss out the capital city Delhi. Chili’s Grill & Bar of Delhi NCR is one of the top-notch restaurants in India when it comes to exotic dishes of America. The delectable food, the humble behavior of the staff of the diner pleases people to the brim. If we talk about the menu, then Caribbean Salad or Quesadilla Explosion Salad or Grilled Chicken Burger or Blackened Salmon not only given you the true essence of the country, but the preparations and garnishing of such dishes will make you feel like you are already dining in America. No wonder this place is mostly crowded with happy and contented customers. If you decide to travel from USA to New Delhi, then one suggestion would be to order fountain coca cola and chicken crispers from Chili’s Grill to start the dine-out.

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Stacks And Racks of Mumbai

stacks and grills

If we move a little bit to the west now, then Stacks and Racks of Malad, Mumbai is a very famous American restaurant. This is not only because of the mouth-watering dishes but also because of the ample amount of dishes available under the starters, entrees and desserts sections. Some of the dishes, for instance, Lousiana Hot Chicken Wings, Barbeque Pork Ribs, Pork Chops among the non-vegetarian dishes and Eggplant Parmigiana, Veg Garlic Confit among the vegetarian dishes showcase some of the best delicacies of this restaurant. The regular diners like to be repeat customers for the delicious burgers and steaks. The behaviour of the staff is also very warm and friendly. So a nice meal and cordial behaviour are what you can expect from Stacks And Racks of Mumbai.

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My Big Fat Belly of Kolkata

my big fat belly kolkata

My Big Fat Belly of Kolkata restaurant is situated in the heart of the city Kolkata, which is Bhawanipur. The location of this restaurant is a big advantage. No matter whether you live in the south of Kolkata or North, you can easily reach there. The restaurant has a wide range of American dishes. One of the specialties of this restaurant is a cooked cigar. These are snacks and could be delicious starters with an appearance like a cigar. The prices of the dishes are another USP of this restaurant. Most of the customers here have agreed that they get a good value for money when it comes to dining here with friends or family. This place is really good for people who like to spend some quality time with themselves or their near and dear ones. The watermelon and orange salad, nachospanko fried prawnsherb fried chicken are some of the most popular and highly recommended dishes of this restaurant. The diners not only love the recent amendments made in the menu, but also the professionalism with which the new dishes are prepared.

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Mexicano Griller of Chennai

mexicano griller

Mexicano Griller is one of the best American restaurants in Chennai if you are travelling from any US locations like Dallas to Chennai. The customers can order online and enjoy the awesome dishes of this restaurant in the comforts of their home. This restaurant offers only varieties of delicacies and it doesn’t have a bar. So this eatery could be a nice place to enjoy the solitude if someone doesn’t like to go to restaurants which have an attached bar. The diners have always enjoyed the steaks and sizzlers served in this eatery. Along with this a lot of Mexican vegetarian dishes like Grilled Cottage Cheese or Mexicano Grilled Veg are very popular with the people who don’t like to eat non-vegetarian outside. Another USP of this restaurant is that it offers a buffet at a very reasonable price and you can enjoy buffets while commemorating any occasion with your family.

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Sancho’s in Bengaluru

sanchos bangalore

Sancho’s in Bengaluru at UB city Bengaluru is one of the best places to enjoy the nightlife. If you would like to dine out with your entire joint family in a car, then this restaurant offers you valet parking. This eatery has separate areas for enjoying the bar and smoking. Some of the dishes like Barbeque Pork Ribs or Lamb Barbacoa are few of the best non-vegetarian side-dishes to go with the Mexican rice over here. Another wholesome dish that you can enjoy here with Mexican burritos is the Ajillo Smokey Chipotle Sauce Chicken. If you come to Bengaluru and stay near UB city, then you should give Sanchez a visit. People who are inclined towards Mexican food are a section of the repeat customers in this restaurant. The crew of this restaurant has always received abundant positive reviews. So you can definitely try out the American delicacies of this restaurant once with your family.

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Toritos in Gujarat

toritos Gujarath

If we decide to move to the extreme west of our country, then Ahmedabad has a few very nice American restaurants. Among these, Toritos restaurant is a Mexican restaurant and has some of the most mouth-savouring Mexican dishes. If you are a voracious eater of Mexican dishes, then this is the place for you. This place is located in Ambavadi, Gujarat and is open until midnight. Although this restaurant is small, the employees here maintain cleanliness and hygiene of high quality. So, if you have just come home from a late night office meeting, then you can save yourself the cooking by going to this restaurant and having a nice and wholesome Mexican meal from Toritos in Gujarat. Most of the diners are more than satisfied with the food. The soups and burritos are very popular among the customers here. Most of the customers, who dine here, have one complaint that they have to wait for quite some time for their orders as the restaurant is crowded most of the time. But the customers also have the opinion that the wait is worthy of their time, as the food quality and cordial behaviour of the staff compensates for the waiting.

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To conclude, our country has got quite a few states where one can enjoy American delicacies as if, he or she were sitting in the country itself. We have mentioned a small subsection here. These eateries are considered as some of the best by the customers themselves. The main qualities that one will check while dining at these places are the items on the menu, the ambience, the location, and the staff behaviour. All the restaurants mentioned in this article conform to these qualities and have carved a niche in the minds of their customers while making themselves best in these criteria.

So, you got the list American restaurant in India; now planning to book your flight tickets from USA to India? Then book with Taj Travel and enjoy a happy journey.


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