travelling on airplane

Flights can get uncomfortable, especially when you are belted down in your seat, flying thousands of miles above sea-level and have inconsiderate co-passengers. Practicing plane etiquettes is essential because you do not want to inconvenience others, with your bad behavior.

Follow this list of dos and don’ts and you will be fine –

Whom does the armrest belong to

That is quite a dilemma, really. But, here is the rule. If you have the window seat or are seated on the aisle seat, then you already have an armrest, exclusively for you. It is the person in the middle seat who is most confused.

You do not have to shrink in your seat if you are seated in the middle. You have rights over both the armrests. Do not hesitate to take control of them. Gently inform the passengers on either side of you, of your rights, if they try to hog the armrest. Explain that they have an armrest.

Bags & the overhead bin

Always store your carry-on bags in the storage bin above your seat. Many folks store their bags in an overhead bin that they can see from their seat and not in the overhead bin directly above their seats. In doing so they inconvenience passengers who have seats below those overhead bins and they have to look for another spot to stash their bags. Which means that those who are entitled to the overhead bins that they use have to look for another spot. It becomes a vicious circle.

Imagine the chaos when the plane lands, people will have to scurry up and down the aisle, to get their luggage. How annoying can that be! Be considerate about the other people’s comfort and use the overhead bin above your seat.

Lock your carry-on bag if you fear someone will steal something from it.

Move out of the aisle

When you board a plane, remember there are people waiting behind you, as you stash your luggage in the overhead bin. Be quick about it. Also, do not hold the aisle while you pack or remove your belongings. All this should be done before you board the flight or after everyone is on board, and before the ‘seat-belt’ sign comes up.

It is always better to carry a small bag along – a handbag if you are a lady or a laptop bag. Place everything that you will need on the flight, in this bag, so you have easy access and do not end up disturbing others. You can keep this bag by your feet or under the seat.

Do not recline your seat

Some people argue that seats are meant to be reclined and there is no harm done, in reclining their seat.

The seats are cramped and that is for everyone to see. When you recline your seat, the person seated behind you gets trapped, as it were. Your seat moves backward and infringes on the little space that the person has. The person is quite literally crushed in their seat, unable to move their legs because your seat would hinder any movement.

And if the person behind you has the tray table open, your sudden action could cause whatever is on it to spill and/or cause injury to them. If you must recline your seat, warn the person behind you and do it gently, and do not go all the way back.

Do not be loud

People traveling in groups can sometimes get awfully loud, laughing, joking and conversing among themselves. Keep the tone of your voice low. You do not want to disturb the others.

Traveling with a child

Children crying, screaming and getting into other’s personal space can become very annoying. Children are children, and we understand that it is difficult to control their behavior. But, as responsible adults, parents must ensure that they keep their children engaged in activities that distract and help keep them calm.

Carry along coloring books, toys, video games, and candy or anything else that your child might be interested in. You do not want your child’s screaming and crying to make the other people’s journey miserable.

Use earphones

Whether you are listening to music on your phone or watching a movie on a personal device, use headphones, so the sound does not disturb the others.

Phone etiquette

Keep your phone on silent, and avoid making phone calls when you are airborne. Voices carry in the small confined space of an aircraft and you will disturb the other passengers with your phone conversation.

Indecent material

Do not read or watch indecent material when on a flight.

Crunchy foods

Avoid eating foods that make horrible crunchy sounds when you bite into them.

Smelly foods

Avoid carrying food that has an overpowering odor. You do not want to fill the cabin with the smell of what you eat. Be aware that there are others on the flight with you. Respect them and be courteous and ensure that you do not cause discomfort to the other fellow travelers with your inconsiderate behavior.

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